WMKT1001 Marketing Fundamentals

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WMKT1001 Marketing Fundamentals


The company must be QANTAS LTD You are required to research this company and then prepare answers to the questions posed for each topic below.

This will create a portfolio of evidence for your chosen example that represents marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics. The portfolio will allow you to relate the theory taught in this course to marketing activities undertaken by your chosen company thereby providing evidence of ‘marketing in action’.

Your research must be as current as possible (from 2014 to 2020) and should come from sources such as articles, newspapers, magazines, websites, social media (e.g. consumer blogs), personal experience, etc. If you are not sure if the source of the evidence/ example is appropriate, please ask your teacher.

You are required to research and answer the following questions:

The Promotion Mix

1: From a theoretical perspective (and in your own words) outline what is meant by The Promotion Mix.

2: Create a table that summarises the current Promotion Mix activities for your chosen organisation.

3: Discuss your thoughts on why this promotional mix is effective (or ineffective) for your company.

 The Marketing Mix

1: From a theoretical perspective (and in your own words) outline what is meant by The Marketing Mix.

2: Outline the extended marketing mix for your organisation

3: Create an infographic that visually represents and summarises the marketing mix for your organisation.

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