Web-Based Continuing Education in Nursing Practice

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Web-Based Continuing Education in Nursing Practice

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Subject: Health IT

Web-based continuing education (WBCE) for nurses is an option that is becoming increasingly popular, which might be attributed to its convenience, flexibility, and specific resources (Chiu & Tsai, 2014; Liaw et al., 2015). Consequently, WBCE receives the attention of investigators, and they develop and test WBCE courses. It can be suggested that the focus on randomized controlled trials and other high-quality methods of determining the effectiveness of interventions is likely to assist WBCE in improving advanced nursing practice and, eventually, healthcare due to its impact on nurse education. Consequently, the key strategy for WBCE consists of approaching it with the typical methods of nursing research.

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WBCE is obviously connected to the use of information systems and technology. A DNP-prepared nurse needs to be able to use the required equipment and software (Chiu & Tsai, 2014). As for the specific examples of technology that can improve WBCE, multimedia use (Deloian, Lewin, & O’Connor, 2015), especially in simulations (Liaw et al., 2015; Liaw et al., 2016), is shown to be rather effective in nursing education. The decisions on WBCE should always be preceded by gathering relevant data (Johansen & O’Brien, 2015). In particular, it is necessary to engage in self-reflection to determine one’s needs and research to identify the options and choose the best ones. Nowadays, WBCE interventions are tested through randomized controlled trials, which means that the application of DNP research skills can assist in selecting the appropriate option. References Chiu, Y., & Tsai, C. (2014). The roles of social factor and internet self-efficacy in nurses’ web-based continuing learning. Nurse Education Today, 34(3), 446-450. Web. Deloian, B., Lewin, L., & O’Connor, M. (2015). Use of a web‐based education program improves nurses’ knowledge of breastfeeding. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, 44(1), 77-86. Web. Johansen, M., & O’Brien, J. (2015). Decision making in nursing practice: A concept analysis. Nursing Forum, 51(1), 40-48. Web. Liaw, S. Y., Wong, L. F., Chan, S. W. C., Ho, J. T. Y., Mordiffi, S. Z., Ang, S. B. L.,… Ang, E. N. K. (2015). Designing and evaluating an interactive multimedia web-based simulation for developing nurses’ competencies in acute nursing care: Randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 17(1), e5. Web.

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Liaw, S. Y., Wong, L. F., Lim, E. Y. P., Ang, S. B. L., Mujumdar, S., Ho, J. T. Y.,… Ang, E. N. K. (2016). Effectiveness of a web-based simulation in improving nurses’ workplace practice with deteriorating ward patients: A pre- and postintervention study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18(2), e37. Web.

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