Undertaking A Project

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Undertaking A Project

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Undertaking A Project

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What are the various ways that we engage with our fellow teammates when undertaking a project?

As a student at times class projects tends to be tiresome and complex because of the various ways that we engage with our fellow teammates when undertaking a project (Lock, 2013). Therefore, in our case during the completion of our 2A assignment at the last day of our second intensive we had somehow an inclusive setting in our group. Here, the primary aspect that we had first is that of being consistent with the teacher’s demands and the academic expectations that could promote learning and socialization in our group. Hence, this aspect of appropriate academic, behavioral and social skills could allow us to effectively work on our class requirements. Therefore, this aspect tended to be effective in the sense that it could recognize close relationship between our positive behavior and effective following of instruction (Markopoulos, 2009). Thus, this aspect tends to be integral since it could give us the correct engagement and appropriate curriculum whereby it allowed us to be innovative, motivated and have differentiated teaching practices via instructional accommodation.
Still on the aspect view point in our project management the consistency aspect was quite significant in our case because of the positive behavioral support system in the group. Therefore, this greatly collaborated our support to learning and positive behavior via collaboration and commitments among the group member (Hamel et al, 2007), where we could:

Agree on the unified expectations of our answers.
Have a wrap around our assignment interventions
It could also create a warm, safe learning environment that was significant in our project management.
It made it easy to understand and address our opinions based on the project.
We were also able to understand the behavior via observation and measurable terms through listing of team members characteristics. Therefore, it could promote cooperation in a unique way.

Also through cooperative learning could assist us completion of our project. Technically, cooperative learning is following the instructions pertained to our projects. Hence, this aspect was such a powerful ingredient since the more the project 2A required mutual interdependence, collective problem solving and striving to a common goal the more it became better to achieve the potential brought about by cooperative learning offers (Gennaro, 1996). Cooperative learning was worth the effort in our case as it could:

Provide positive results to our learning compared to individual conditions.
It could also provide diversity in our learning styles which needed more time compared to direct instruction.
Through the aspect of cooperation in our group we could learn different interpersonal and collaborative skills that could be significant when undertaking our future assignments.
This aspect was still significant since it could produce a high level of engagement that wasn’t viable in other forms. Hence, it could promote effective communication, develop relationship awareness and create motivation among groups.
Lastly, this aspect was a powerful tool that could enhance several transformative goals which could build communal bonds between us, lowering levels of conflict resolution on answers developed by team members; it could also promote learning between each other and learning to be an effective team members so as to complete the project.

My experience in the group when conducting class work was quite good for instance we could motivate each other when stuck in certain class works. Hence, this greatly influences my levels of motivation. Also the effective communication in the class work was quite proficient since the levels of interaction were effective since there was full engagement of team member, and they all contributed well in solving the class issues.   
As stated above working in teams at times tends to be complex. Therefore, a lot of difficulties could be witnessed in our group when trying to work on the project given. Hence, at times we could disagree on the basis of a number of reasons such as:

Viewing things differently because of the different understanding. Such differences weren’t that important, since such personal differences could clash with the emotional needs of our group members and could lead to a conflict. Conflict in a group is perceived to be the interaction of two individuals or groups in a single situation, but they also see the situation at different angles. For example, different members in our groups could disagree on different levels of motivation styles, thus it was hard to come up with one concrete answer.
Having different principles, styles, values, slogans and beliefs among group members was also a challenge. Therefore, it was hard to try and convince some team members that this is the correct opinion. Thus contradiction mainly leads to people wanting different things and thus conflict arises (Van Dyne, 2008). For example it was hard to determine the correct conflict sequence because of the reason mentioned above on viewpoint differentiation.
It was also hard to get team members in my group on a specific opinion because of the ideological and philosophical understanding outlooks. Hence, each member had different concepts, objectives and ways in regards to reacting to the project 2A provided. As a result we could experience conflicts of ideas and it was such a challenge in our task completion.
It was sometime so typical that team members could agree to disagree under certain situation of the project. Such a conflict was necessary and pleasurable for them but it could lead to difficulties in task completion (Frey et al, 2007).
Force a necessary ingredient in conflict situation could also be witnessed in our group. Sometimes force is ethical or emotional, thus it could withdraw cooperation or approval. Hence, this difficulty could lower our generation of strengthening and termination of the rising conflicts.
Fear on what results that we might get was also a difficulty to our group. This is because someone fears of setbacks; reprisal, disgrace or hindrance could act as factors that escalate levels of conflict in groups and difficulty in task completion.

The above difficulties could jeopardize our project, and there was the need of coming up with sufficient strategy that could solve this issues. Pertained to our class studies I considered using the emotional intelligence aspect in tackling some of the emerging difficulties. Based on our class notes emotional intelligence tends to be the ability to understand and manage emotions that exist around us. Hence, it provides one with diverse skills such as being able to manage relationship among team members, influence as well as inspiring others. Every individual is known to have a certain levels of effectiveness, but emotional intelligence tends to boost this levels. The aspect of emotional intelligence in project management has been considered to be important because of the productivity, efficiency, and collaboration among team members (Phillips, 2006). The following are the ways in which I could integrate the emotional intelligence aspect is solving some of the difficulties that we faced in our group:

Effective communication-emotional awareness and management is built on the foundation of being able to clearly express your thoughts. Hence, having emotional intelligence tends to increase the assertiveness of effective communication (Tsoukas et al, 2011). Thus, the aspect of effective communication could provide directions on the best strategy pertained to our project, since one is able to determine if the team members are listening towards cooperation and avoidance of conflict.
Emotional management- the prior skills of emotional intelligence increase the levels of staying aware of the feelings. It also assists in understanding the next strategy in handling of such emotions. Therefore, we could reduce the fear difficulty. This is because at times the team members might rush to headlong and could lead to complexities. Therefore, keeping emotions in check tends to be vital as it ensures that each person’s opinion is respected, also the decisions being selected are the best.
Self awareness- emotional intelligence tends to increase our assertiveness of self awareness. Such an aspect in our team was necessary because it could help us in understanding the strengths and the challenges that may result (Porter et al, 1996). Hence, this aspect also assists in addressing challenges of response from each person’s point. Therefore, because of this in future we can easily handle and address such problems and handle any future complications. We still could also assert that the self awareness issue converge peoples thinking styles and reduce their levels of disagreeing. As a result the chosen degree of thought tends to be effective in handling of our project.

Lastly, the behavior that I felt wasn’t good and was committed by some of our team member is that of competition. It is known that when group members compete in a group they tend to develop hostility and negative attitudes. Therefore, the winner takes all mentality is likely to be the resultant effect of this competition character. As a result of this undesirable effect of competition the likely result is that it would affect our results. Since, success of an independent party relies on the participation of another party. Such type of competition may damage the entire project of the group, and could promote anger, decreased respect and low team work (Tsoukas et al, 2011). Hence, such a factor should be greatly discouraged, and therefore to elevate such a problem I could promote some form of harmony among group members. Harmony tends to be critical in the sense that it promotes collaboration and team work between team members.     
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