The Role of Ethics in Nursing Research and Informatics

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The Role of Ethics in Nursing Research and Informatics

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Subject: Medical Ethics

Introduction Theory and research are critical elements in nursing practice, in particular, because they reinforce each other. Nursing practice is enhanced by understanding various interdisciplinary theories. Applying evidence from nursing research is a vital tool for enhancing clinical outcomes. Research designs are key concepts for good nursing research practice as they inform the researcher on the approach they need to give their study. Understanding the role of ethics in nursing research and informatics is critical as it enhances good information exploration practices. Purpose Statement To understand the need for theory and research in nursing. Linking theories in nursing and other interrelated disciplines to build a robust system of nursing research. Understanding the need for evidence from nursing research and its application in improving caregiving. Learning key research designs in nursing practice enables nurses and researchers to apply. Understanding the need for applying the ethical practice in nursing research and informatics. Learned Concepts Related to Theory There are various conceptual and theoretical models applied to nursing. The relationship between evidence-based practice and theory (Greenway et al., 2019). Nursing paradigm, middle-range theory, grand theories, and interdisciplinary theories. Impact of the Theories on the Future of Nursing Research and Advanced Practice Nursing When nurses are well-informed in various nursing theories, they will become more focused on addressing nursing issues, thus enhancing caregiving health care. The various theories will enable nurses to improve their practices and become more flexible in delivering better health outcomes. Learned Concepts Related to Research Need for theory-driven research and practice and problem formulation, hence approaching caregiving from a knowledge-filled perspective. Qualitative and quantitative research concepts are critical in nursing research as they define the best approach to give to a study based on the desired outcomes (Vass et al., 2017). The best practices in nursing research involve finding sources that can give credible and valid evidence, apply specific research designs, and analyze findings that help in recommending best caregiving practices. Impact of the Research Concepts on the Future of Nursing Research and Advanced Practice Nursing By understanding how to get the best sources for evidence is critical in informed nursing research Good analysis skills are critical in enhancing clinical outcomes as the findings are used in recommending subsequent good practices that caregivers need to adopt. Learned Concepts Related to Practice Applying ethical principles in using information technology for nursing research is essential. Internet and big data skills are essential in nursing research as they lead to finding information relevant in making clinical decisions and improvement in practice (Starkweather et al., 2019). Applying different research designs and ethical principles in big data research is essential if a nursing researcher wishes to find credible data and make valid recommendations. Impact of Practicing the Above Principles on the Future of Nursing Research and Advanced Practice Nursing There will be a better approach to ethical considerations in social and professional practice. Big data research and the Internet will result in enhanced clinical outcomes. Three Strategies that Could Facilitate the Future Success of Nursing Research Developing and enhancing conceptual and theoretical nursing concepts will help in formulating approaches to clinical practices. The continuous research in nursing and related disciplines could improve the understanding of caregiving strategies for better health outcomes. Continuous application of evidence-based research into routine clinical practice is likely to improve care delivery. Conclusion Theory and research result in improved clinical outcomes Best nursing practices result from understanding related disciplines Applying evidence from nursing research is critical Ethical considerations are important in clinical research Nursing research rely highly on medical informatics and the Internet References Greenway, K., Butt, G., & Walthall, H. (2019). What is a theory-gap? An exploration of the concept. Nurse Education in Practice, 34, 1-6. Web.

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Starkweather, A., Jacelon, C. S., Bakken, S., Barton, D. L., DeVito Dabbs, A., Dorsey, S. G., Guthrie, B. J., Heitkemper, M. M., Hickey, K. T., Kelechi, T. J. and Kim, M. T. (2019). The use of technology to support precision health in nursing science. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 51(6), 614-623. Web. Vass, C., Ridby, D. & Payne, K. (2017). The role of qualitative research methods in discrete choice experiments: A systematic review and survey of authors. Society for Medical Decision Making, 37(3), 298-313. Web.

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