The Moral Status on Abortion

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The Moral Status on Abortion

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Subject: Medical Ethics

Table of Contents Introduction Main body Conclusion References Introduction The development of modern-day technology has brought many changes in how conditions are diagnosed and treated. Nowadays, it is possible to see the fetus inside the womb and check it for abnormalities. While this brings opportunities for treatment of different conditions, in some cases it means that the doctors and the parents have to make difficult decisions regarding the future of the fetus. It is challenging to determine the moral status of a fetus, thus the topic is controversial and has caused many debates (“The grounds of moral status”, 2013). a

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Main body The four people in the case study utilize different moral status theories as a basis for their decision-making process. Maria believes that the abortion is not an option in this case and therefore, Jessica and Marco should keep the baby and raise it. As the case study indicates, shortly after she had found out about the problem with the fetus, she began praying and calling the priest. Thus, Maria uses her religious beliefs as a theory for determining the moral status of the fetus. The views of Maria influence her recommendation for Jessica as she does not consider it to be right to interfere with the order of things as everything that is happening is a part of God’s plan. Dr. Wilson is considering the abortion a proper option in this case as he is guided by the theory of scientific approach to the issue regarding the moral status of the fetus. The doctor’s primary objective is to care for the patient’s well being. Dr. Wilson has a responsibility to give his patients full information on their condition and the possible options, no matter how controversial the topic may be. In this situation, the fetus does not have a chance to lead a healthy life after the birth. Additionally, the chances of the fetus having a Down Syndrome are high. As Loyet, McLean, Graham, Antoine, and Fossick state (2016) in such cases it is essential for a medical professional to provide the woman with all the information and support her in circumstances where abortion is recommended. Thus, the scientific approach that the doctor is taking influences his recommendations as he offers the abortion as the only viable option. Jessica believes that any life form is sacred, therefore it is not justified to interfere with the fetus’s development. The theory of the sacredness of human life would not allow not interfere with the fetuses development and have an abortion. Thus, the regards the moral status of the fetus based on the idea that no life should be hindered with. However, Jessica is considering the socioeconomic wellbeing as one of the theories. Due to the fact that she and her husband already have to work hard, it would be impossible for them to care for the baby with special needs. Both the approach of the sacred life and the socioeconomic well-being influence the decision-making process of Jessica regarding the moral status of the fetus. On the one hand, having an abortion would go against the beliefs of sacred life. On the other, it would affect negatively the efforts to achieve socioeconomic wellbeing. Marco is worried about the reaction of his wife and the consequences it may have on their future. He would support any decision that Jessica would make, thus his beliefs on the moral status of the fetus correspond with the pro-choice theory. Cadet (2018) describes it as one that “supports abortion for diverse reasons” (para 1). However, similarly to Jessica, he considers the difficulties they would have in the future, both social and economic. Thus, both the pro-choice theory and the socioeconomic well-being considerations influence Marco’s view on the moral status of the fetus. Due to that, he supports the right of Jessica to choose in this case although he worries about the prospects of raising the child. I agree with the theory of that support a right of a woman to make her choice regarding the issue. Additionally, I think it is crucial for Jessica and Marco to discuss the problem in detail, considering every option and opinion they were given. As the case is complicated, they should consider the prospects of a life of the child in the future. The theory determines my recommendations and actions as although in this case from the scientific point of view abortion is recommended, I would support Jessica’s decision to proceed with the pregnancy. As a nurse, it is crucial to respect the right of the patient to make informed choices regarding their health, which consequentially influences their lives. Thus, in case Jessica would decide to have the abortion, I would do my best to address her concerns about the procedure and support her. At the same time, in case she would decide to keep the baby, I would provide her with the needed information and support respectively. Conclusion It can be concluded that the issue of the moral status of the fetus is complex. However, it is essential for medical professionals to understand the needs of their patients. Thus, in this case, I would support the informed choice Jessica and Marco would make.

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References Cadet, J. A. (2018). Is there anything wrong with the slogan “my body my choice” when it comes to abortion? Web. Loyet, M., McLean, A., Graham, K., Antoine, C., & Fossick, K. (2016). The fetal care team: Care for pregnant women carrying a fetus with a serious diagnosis. The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing, 41(6), 349-355. Web. The grounds of moral status. (2013). Web.

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