SITHFAB016 Provide Advice On Food

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SITHFAB016 Provide Advice On Food


This assessment requires you to research and present information about food, menu, and food and food service trends.

Task 1: Research Food And Menu Items
You are to research information about a range of menu items and ingredients used to prepare them. Complete one food information and evaluation form for each item, summarising the information you have gathered.
Menu items and ingredients researched must be able to be classified within the list of research topics provided in the table below.
Your trainer will provide you with a copy of Assessment A – Food information and evaluation record. Save the record locally on your computer.
A sample product information and evaluation outlining the type of information required and a sample response is contained in this document to assist in completing this task.
Information researched about all products should be evaluated and authenticated for currency and accuracy.
Photos of ingredients and prepared menu items can be submitted to support your food information and evaluation reports.
Conduct your research using one or more of the following formal and informal research techniques.
Research Topics
You can:

choose products from your workplace or training environment’s food menu
choose other menu items or recipes to broaden your existing product knowledge.

Selected menu items must be classified within one of the menu categories listed below.
Menu items should include one or more ingredients from the ingredient categories listed below.
When selecting an ingredient to research, ensure it has not been covered already in a food information and evaluation record for a different menu item. Each ingredient can only be covered once.
Selected ingredients must be classified within one of the ingredient categories listed below, for example, flour, chickpeas or pasta do not meet the criteria, but apples, chicken, oysters and camembert do.
Task 2: Research Industry Trends

• You are to research information about each of the following topics.

• One current or emerging food service trend.

• One current or emerging trend in customer preferences.

• Research topics could include one or more of the following.

• Contemporary eating habits.

• Cultural and ethnic influences.

• Major events and festivals.

• Media influence.

• Seasonal and popular influences.

• Prepare a report detailing each trend. The report should include the following information.

• Factors that led to the trend developing, for example, changes in customer preferences, expectations or income, manufacturing processes, immigration, globalisation, quality or availability of ingredients, type or popularity of television shows.

• Its effect on the food service industry in general, for example, impact on types of businesses, what businesses do or how they do it (policies and procedures).

• How the trend might affect your workplace or training organisation’s current or future food service or operational activities, for example, types of menu items and ingredients offered, how food is prepared, presented and served, types of cookery methods or equipment used to prepare menu items.

• Information about all trends should be evaluated and authenticated for accuracy and reliability.

• Conduct your research using one or more of the formal and informal research techniques.

• Internet.

• Library, reference books, promotional materials, product reviews, newspaper or magazine publications or other media.

• Personal observation and workplace experience.

• Discussions with industry personnel (chef, cooks, food personnel), suppliers or manufacturers.

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