Robotics in Healthcare

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Robotics in Healthcare

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Subject: Health IT

The modern healthcare sector significantly benefits from the extensive use of technologies that promote better results and precondition the introduction of new approaches to performing important activities. For this reason, robotics is one of the most topical issues peculiar to the work of modern health units and specialists. It can be determined as the utilization of AI and robots to perform the most sophisticated tasks and assist specialists in improving the quality of care (PWC, n.d). The wide implementation of these devices can be considered a revolution in the sphere as it contributes to the increased accuracy of various operations and better outcomes.

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One of the main features of robotics in healthcare is the ability to achieve new levels of excellence, accuracy, and better results. For instance, the highly complex surgical robots are used today by specialists as a potent tool to perform extremely difficult tasks that demand increased attention and skills (PWC, n.d.). In accordance with the statistics, implementation of this sort of technologies helps to minimize the negative impact of the human factor, decrease the probability of human mistake, and attain better outcomes because of the less severe character of interventions, smaller incisions, and higher precision (Hoeckelmann, Rudas, Fiorini, Kirchner, & Haidegger, 2015). Resting on these facts, it is possible to assume that robotics is a basis for the sphere’s further development, and they provide new options for health workers. Another example of the wide implementation of robots in health care comes from my personal experience. Delivering care to a patient who had experienced surgery, I noticed that his recovery period was shorter and easier if compare with other individuals who had the same health issue. The character of incisions was different, which resulted in the less painful regenerative processes and absence of acute pain. The patient was able to move freely and perform some simple activities. The given case evidences that surgical robots contribute to the improvement of care delivery and help patients to feel better during traditionally difficult recovery periods. All factors mentioned above can be considered a positive aspect of robotics used in the sector. It helps to achieve better results and minimize the efforts needed to perform complex tasks. At the same time, the further development of technologies offers multiple opportunities for improvement and new solutions to assist patients with health issues that were previously considered incurable. Applying devices to the field of research or care delivery, workers can acquire better results and promote the health of the nation. Furthermore, the existence of multiple options for the use of robots also means that there are still many opportunities for the improvement and reorganization of the sphere. At the same time, there are some fears associated with the implementation of robots and their further development. First of all, the work of these devices depends on AI, which means that there is also the risk of failure if the software works inappropriately. Second, robots can replace real workers depriving them of the chance to develop their personal and professional skills or earn money (The Medical Futurist, 2016). There are already robots that can perform the surgery on themselves with the minimum control of an experienced specialist. In the future, it can transform into a serious problem as the number of devices will grow while the need for health workers will decline. That is why despite the multiple advantages associated with the discussed topic, there are still some negative aspects that should be mentioned while discussing it.

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Nevertheless, there are no doubts that the use of robots can benefit clinical practice in several ways. First of all, the sphere of research can acquire a powerful stimulus for its development as the implementation of innovative technologies will help to investigate areas critical for people’s survival and the high quality of life. For instance, human genome projects can become more effective and because of the increased speed and accuracy of investigation (PWC, n.d). Robots can also be used to align the continuity of care for patients with long-term conditions as the utilization of telemedical networks and provision of digital assistants for patients will significantly increase the quality of care, which is one of the primary tasks of all health workers. Altogether, robotics in healthcare can be determined as the extensive use of technologies that provide specialists with an opportunity to minimize risks of failure and use digitalized tools to achieve better accuracy of operations. Despite some risks associated with the further evolution of the given practice, it can be considered a future of the sphere as statistics show significant progress in results and overall situation. In such a way, there is a critical need to support the further evolution of the issue as one of the possible ways to solve the most nagging medical problems and ensure the further improvement of people’s quality of life. Robotics will affect all patients regardless and provide them with the needed care to avoid complications and achieve excellent results. References Hoeckelmann, M., Rudas, I. J., Fiorini, P., Kirchner, F., & Haidegger, T. (2015). Current capabilities and development potential in surgical robotics. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems. Web. PWC. (n.d.). No longer science fiction, AI and robotics are transforming healthcare. Web. The Medical Futurist. (2016). Robotics in healthcare — Get ready! Web.

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