Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems.

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Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems.
Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems:Based upon the assigned reading for Module 1, describe how the evolutions of healthcare delivery in the United States positively or negatively affect the current health care system. Provide examples with your response. Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems.
Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems
Managers are found in every organization. They apply principles of management to address basic organizational needs. Systems thinking provides a useful paradigm and structure for managerial activities. Quality initiatives and good customer service enhance the operations and potential for success of any organization. This chapter introduces all three subjects: management, systems thinking, and quality improvement.

If employees understand and support (in addition to challenging and trying to improve) the management activities of their employer, then the organization is better able to move quickly and efficiently to improve processes and outcomes. Employees also feel more invested in their organization and more empowered in their work. Employees become allies, rather than victims, of management. For these reasons, it is important that individuals understand and participate in fulfilling the management functions of their employer’s organization. This applies to all persons in a given organization and is independent of their positions. Quality Assurance in Healthcare Systems.

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