Qualitative Research Assignment Paper

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Qualitative Research Assignment Paper

Qualitative research is a non-numerical method used to discover and understand behaviors and interactions.  It is usually implemented during the exploratory phase of a research project techniques that encourage open-ended dialogue with participants.  Allowing participants the leeway to form their own answers gives them an opportunity to use more detail than when closed-ended dialogue takes place.Qualitative Research Assignment Paper  Qualitative data is gathered through focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews and mystery shopping.  Qualitative data allows the researcher to have detailed interactions with research participants which creates an environment for a diverse range of information to be revealed.  The data may be useful to companies who are designing products and services (Winters, 2016).  In comparison, the quantitative research seeks out patterns in numeric data which may be used to clarify research hypothesis. The use of statistical data provides researchers with the information needed to make informed statements about the results.Qualitative Research Assignment Paper This method is more structured and uses close-ended questions for gathering data.  The tool most often used to gather data for a quantitative study is the survey whether by mail, telephone, online or a mixture of the three (Winters, 2016).


For my research EBP project proposal, I will use a qualitative research approach.  The goal of my research question is to determine whether the implementation and use of electronic health records enhance collaboration amongst healthcare providers.  To gather this information, in-depth conversations are required.  According to Winters (2016),Qualitative Research Assignment Paper qualitative data allows researchers to have detailed discussions with individuals participating in the study which may provide insight about the needs, behaviors, desires, routines and many other details.  The information gathered might be useful in updating or creating a system that providers may find more user-friendly resulting in greater compliance further resulting in greater collaboration, enhanced patient care and better patient outcomes.

Research question:  Does the use of electronic health records result in enhanced collaboration and improved patient care…..

PICOT/PICo and Practice Questions SAMPLE RESPONSE

Thanks so much for the feedback.  I, too, find the implementation and use of electronic health records extremely interesting.  I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of “go live” sessions with electronic health record systems.Qualitative Research Assignment Paper  In my experience, much of the resistance was due to the fear of change.  In the last facility I worked in, every physician’s group was given a year to learn the new computer documentation system and use it.  All of the groups were compliant except one.  And their chief of staff was adamant about refusing to use it and the other physicians in the group followed suit.  Their nurse practitioners, on the other hand, learned the system without complaint.  It was quite an interesting situation.  Despite the pushback, many of those same doctors were pleased once they realized the level of convenience being able to remotely enter orders, view lab results and radiological reports afforded them! In comparison, the floor nurses also resisted the transition to computer documentation but of course, we had to learn it immediately.Qualitative Research Assignment Paper There were no conversations about nursing concerns regarding the system.  Although, many nurses were hesitant about the new technology many learned to appreciate it.  Their level of dependence and appreciation was made most clear when the system crashed and we were forced to paper chart for two days.  Despite the difficulties associated with the transition to computer documentation, both (nurses and doctors) acknowledged the positive impact its implementation and use had on the admission process, order entry, patient care and the transition of care.  According to Lambooij, Drewes, & Koster (2017), the successful use and implementation of electronic health records were most influenced by the education and training received by new users, the level of support provided by the IT team, and organizational culture.Qualitative Research Assignment Paper


Due to the ongoing changes in healthcare and federal mandates, organizations must become more proficient at introducing and implementing electronic health records.  The more positive communication surrounding the EHR, the more positive the reception, and the more likely the organization will experience a successful and positive transition.Qualitative Research Assignment Paper   After all, the most important factor in this equation is the ability to provide better patient care and disease management.  Doctors and nurses who find a program user-friendly and relevant to their needs are more likely to use it and enhance their workflow.   They also view patient data quality as improved when electronic medical records are easier to use and better aligned with their daily routines (Lambooij, Drewes, & Koster, 2017). Qualitative Research Assignment Paper

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