PUA 504 Organizational Theory

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PUA 504 Organizational Theory


Challenges needed Development, Customer Satisfaction, Performance management challenge and any other plausible challenges.

Below is from the professor must use specific theorist and search specific theory articles that the theorist believed in.

As you are working on your Diagnostic Project, the attached articles will come in handy. I recommend that you read the Private/Public Distinction article first, so that you can gain a better understanding of how the two differ. Then, I suggest that you read about Classical Theory, because it is the foundation of Organization Theory. Below is the sequence of Organization theories:
1. Classical Theory (includes Division of Labor, Henri Fayol’s Principles of Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Scientific Management, and Max Weber’s Bureaucracy) occurred during the Industrial Revolution and ideas concerning Scientific Management, bureaucratic theory, and administrative theory arose.

2. Neo-Classical Organization Theory (includes theorists such as Chester Barnard, Herbert Simon and Philip Selznick) was the reaction to the authoritarian structure of the classical theory. This theory was the beginning of interest in the human side of employees.

3. Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Theory (Includes Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiment, Abraham Maslow’s Human Motivation Theory, Douglas McGregor’s Human Theory, and Irving Janis’ Groupthink Theory) is concerned about how individuals and groups behave within an organizational setting. Surprisingly, this has only been of interest as a field of study since the 1960s.

4. Modern/Structural Organization Theory (Includes Peter Blau & Richard Scott’s Formal Organization) focuses on the hierarchical levels of organizational authority and coordination: organizations are rational and have formal rules and hierarchy; there is a best structure determined by many factors; division of labor increases productivity; and most problems are from structural flaws (Shafritz, Ott & Jang, 2011).

And, then I recommend that you read the New Public Management article. I will be emailing and/or posting more articles to Blackboard that I think will help you with your assignment.
There are many other theories that can be of particular interest to you as you work on your individual Diagnostic Projects, such as the Contingency Theory, which accepts the idea that there is no universally ideal leadership style because each organization faces its own unique circumstances internally and externally. This theory allows management the freedom to make decisions based on current situations. Should you choose this theory, it will allow for you to recommend a leadership style of your choosing that you feel will better suit the organization that you are assisting. With this said, it is imperative that at this point in the process, you must begin if you have not already, reading academic journal articles to support the ideas you have gathered from the e-textbook. You need to know what scholars have tested on real organizations/employees. This will be your support when making recommendations to your organization contact.

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