PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies

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PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies

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PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies

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Course Code: PPMP20009
University: Central Queensland University

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Country: Australia

Write an Essay on Latino Engineering Company.

This essay is about Latino Engineering Company which has been having some complications that have arisen as a result of change of ownership. This change of management has resulted in the alterations in the way the company conducts its activities.  The most obvious change from the previous regime is that, previously, the owner of the company was usually the decision maker which made it simpler for the company to carry out its tasks. It is clear that the previous owner, Dominic Latino, had a good relationship with his employees which ensured that all the departments conducted their tasks effectively. This relationship stemmed from the fact that the owner was passionate and committed to ensuring the company produces the best in the market. Moreover, he participated in the designing and developing of the products. The commitment that the owner showed served as his motivation and he ensured that all his employees gave their best in the production service. It is thus significant for them to develop strong management teams which will ensure that the recommendations enacted herein are implemented to the letter over time.
Since the management changed hands, clients have constantly complained of malfunctioning equipment and the poor customer service in place. This only goes to show the level that the human resource department in the company has dropped to. This challenge requires to be solved in the fastest, time possible for the firm to avert from losing its market attraction and clients (Patel, 2017). The essay will seek to establish the beginning of the situation and the cause using the tools most applicable and thereafter suggest ways to improve the situation, operations and the overall performance.
We assessed the different approaches that could be used to seek the cause of the problems. After assessing them, quality management plan seems the most convenient one as it addresses the issues facing this particular company. This approach focuses on issues such as workers involvement, client fulfillment the processes and the effectiveness of the company. To top it all, this model is structured to make sure that all the practice undertaken by the organization are projected at the gratification of the customer or the client (Pritchard, 2015)
In any process, there have to be techniques and methods that are used to earmark obstacles and formulate solutions. Identifying and utilizing the appropriate tool is important because it makes it simpler to identify the root of a problem and also allows one to identify the way forward in difficult situations. For our case, the 7QC tool is the one we will use. 7QC involves employing the utilization a histogram, cause and effect, the Scanner plot, the Pareto diagram, a control chart, as well as a check sheet. Using the Pareto diagram requires the arranging of the elements and factors in a vertical order in the way each factor leads to the problem being solved. After this is done, it becomes easier to identify the biggest/main culprit in the situation and establishing possible solutions. In the situation of Latino Engineering Company, we will try to figure out the causes of a change of attitude and morale in the employees. Listed below are possible causes;
Considering that problems set in once the company had a change of management, it is worth looking at the effect this had on the employees. Before Latino sold the company, it was on an upward trajectory where it acquired new clients on a day to day basis with a solid client base. Once sold, the problems set in with no solution in sight.    Therefore, it is important to critique the cause of this.
Having received complaints from clients about the customer relations apart from those on products, this is worth looking at.  Dissimilar to the past, the organization is currently having difficulties in handling the personnel. Complaints can only mean that relations are no longer what they used to be at the company. The human resource department has morphed into a sluggish and ineffective one whereby clients have to wait for extended periods to receive responses to their inquiries. More concerning though is that there have emerged cases of wrong packaging. The only explanation for this could be low or no morale in the employees.
After the management was changed, there have cases of malfunctioning products and others that are faulty. The explanation for this might stem from either the initial designing or/and production stages having complications. When clients start complaints about products or services, it means that their expectations were much higher or the services offered are lower than what they were experiencing before.
It is a common practice for companies to fall under new management through takeovers. Mostly, in such a case, the new owners tend to prefer to maintain the existing employees to ensure the competitive edge of the company isn’t affected. It is not always smooth but more often than not, things work out well in the end. This is not what happened in the case of Latino Engineering Company once it was sold. The organization has been going through more turbulent times than previously expected. The quality of products produced by the company and the services that were offered by the company when Latino was in charge seem to have deteriorated. This has led to a decrease in the client base which has seen a shift even in the most loyal clients. This can only be explained by critiquing how the new management has been handling its’ employees. This is not a good sign for the business and the management has to ensure everything goes back to how it was as soon as possible (Tannock, Krasachol and Ruangpermpool, 2012, P. 385).
The decrease in quality of products might be explained by a few moves that the company took. Having taken over the company, they let the senior engineers leave and kept their juniors. Naturally, with the brains of the company gone, quality of products was compromised. Thereafter, the replacements brought in seem not to have been up to standard. Moreover, even if they were up to standard, they had to take time to familiarize themselves with the job at hand. Some junior engineers were also replaced and the company recruited under qualified employees leading to the production of substandard equipment. It was wrong to let the senior engineers leave at the beginning and the process should have been done more carefully.
However, even with the top engineers leaving and the recruitment process being done poorly, it is still difficult to figure out how activities such as responding to clients’ inquiries became so difficult. Even with new employees, packaging of orders wrongly is still a difficult thing to do except in the cases of employee sabotage or employees who are suffering from lack of motivation.
This is an important tool for identifying problems in organizations and companies. The cause-effect tools operate based on how each action has a substantial Impact. It is a tool that assists one to look into a problem and relate to possible effects and cause.  In the scenario of this organization, the change of ownership can be linked to the outcome where the takeover is the cause and the diminishing morale as the impact.
The organization has a challenge in the customer relations and the production of the equipment department. The initial problems that the company is experiencing are the production of faulty equipment alongside and poor customer relation. Immediately after the new management took over, there were reports of faulty equipment produced alongside bad customer service. Alongside the wrongful packaging, the situation is dire. This shows that the management has failed in managing the various departments with the human resource having lost touch with the importance the clients have in any organization as they often have confrontations with them. The other problem is that the production department of the company has been underperforming since new owners came in with bad quality products being produced. This can be partly blamed on the new management not practicing a hand-on approach to ensure the production is smooth and the products that they produce are up to standard.
At present, there is a severed link between the company and its clients. This is obvious because with a malfunctioning human resource department, the relationship that the company has with its clients is as well non-existent. These problems that the company has with its clients may force the customers to move away from them and towards their competitors which would be a big blow and prove to be a stumbling block to the company’s aim to be a dominant force in the market. It therefore calls for quick solutions.
After analyzing the troubles that plague the company, it is obvious that not everyone is pulling their weight in the company’s aim of trying to satisfy the needs of the clients. It is a widely recognized fact that no matter the quality of products or services, without the clients, any organization is bound to fail as they are the single most important factor.  This therefore requires any serious company that has ambitions to strive to satisfy the needs of its clients as best it can. For Latino Engineering Company to achieve this, the following recommendations were proposed;
For Latino Engineering Company, the focus is more on regaining trust, loyalty and confidence of its clients after previous happenings. For this to happen, the organization needs everyone to dedicate themselves fully to the cause. The company may start with establishing workshops for the employees so as to achieve this. These workshops should be focused in educating the workers, old and new, on the skills needed in production and designing. Moreover, the employees should be taken through ways to improve their relations with the customers.  It would also be a good time for the employees to be reminded of their responsibility at practicing professionalism.
If In the workshop, it would be easier for the company to identify the motivated employees and those lacking in motivation which, if necessary, will help them identify those that need to be replaced-be it the top engineers or their juniors or even those in the human resource department. The company requires skilled and motivated individuals so as to continue to develop along its chosen line. While undertaking all these practices, recall that every action is projected at making the customers know the firm is the outstanding in the market, thus preventing them from being taken by the competitors who exist in the industry (Lee, 2014).
For an organization to perform to its potential, the human resource-the employees- have to work together in tandem. This is because they have to run the machines and make the decisions to push an organization towards realizing their set goals. However, the core aims of a company should go hand in hand with those of the employees where they are able to achieve their goals alongside the company’s. With the employees pushing in a similar direction, the company grows.
After one year in new management, it is obvious that the company has not yet established an identifiable structure. It has led to faulty products and unworthy customer management.. To rectify this problem, the management would need to establish a structure which clearly states what is expected from each unit to ensure the whole company’s processes function smoothly and along the rules set. With a working structure in place, the company can identify the departments not functioning effectively therefore giving them a chance to handle issues before they become irreversible.
In every company, all departments are connected with each other in a way or the other. Therefore teamwork and collaborative functioning is important for success to be achieved and goals set to be met. When working relations are established between departments, it increases the probability of success. Thus, the company needs to initiate such a scheme where all the respective departments are interconnected. It will ease the manner in which problems are identified; if a single unit cannot achieve its expectations, then the other departments will identify the challenge and help in resolving it (Limwichitr, Broady-Preston, and Ellis, 2015, P.480).
After these recommendations have been implemented, it is vital that the company puts in place a system that looks at the progress and identifies changes that may require to be undertaken. With this into practice, it cannot be difficult in rooting anything which can grow to hinder the prosperity of the organization. The mechanism attempts to both improve any system that has failed and seal the cracks. Most significantly, it will facilitate the firm to progressively improve its index while it can compare itself to the key competitors in the market.
A working communication channels serves to improve relations in a company in that first, every employee is in the know-how about what is happening in the company. Second, it ensures that whatever issues that may be affecting the employees can be communicated thereby preventing discontent in the company. The communication channel should be open and should also avoid victimization of employees. It becomes easy to get solutions with any concerns from all the departments. Effective communication leads to willingness as well as motivation to undertake duties since the organization’s leadership is often in know of any pressing concern and it functions.
The above stated recommendations are meant to help Latino Engineering Company recover from the state they have found themselves in due to partly bad management decisions and the lack of communication. If the recommendations are implemented and the services to their clients improved together with the faulty equipment rectified, the success of the company is guaranteed because the company is not a start-up as it already has a client base.
Finally, having lost ground due to internal squabbles, Latino Engineers Company requires an ongoing plan that ensures continuous improvement. Such a plan may be referred to as Continuous Improvement (CI).  The plan needs to outline the key practices where every departments and persons should undertake to gain the set objectives and company goals. The following are the aspects that the company should seek to reflect on with the plan;
Quality Management. The quality of the products produced by the company in recent times has deteriorated considerably. To stabilize this, the company should ensure all departments are working in tandem and provided with the resources necessary to function at their full potential even after the company has stabilized its functions.
Good employee management. As already stated, workers are a crucial cog in any organization. Having unsatisfied employees or unmotivated ones can lead to a company functioning below its potential. Therefore, it’s important to manage and show appreciation to your employees to keep them motivated. This can be done by occasional promotions or job appraisals to show them that the management appreciates their efforts.
Encourage and communicate. In the management of any company or its employees, a culture whereby employees are given a platform to communicate their needs and also where they are constantly encouraged is bound to bear fruits of success. Employees need to be shown that they are appreciated and wanted and that they can do it to eradicate their doubts. Therefore, an effective communication system will assist in averting from scenarios which can rock the organization in the near future (Limwichitr, Broady-Preston, and Ellis, 2015, P.480).
Since the management of any organization needs to focus on hearing out the grievances of their employees, it is recommended give the employees a chance to air their problems, the motivation reduces greatly allowing for sabotage and mutiny. However, when the employees are given a chance, they feel like a part of the company and are able to give their best, open their minds to new innovation and even changes to management are less likely to affect their morale.  So, it seeks for a development of a better mechanism that result in good motivation as well as relationship amongst the staff (Magar, and Shinde, 2014, P. 371).
Conclusively, the problems that Latino Engineering Company is going through are a common thing in the current market. It is therefore important for them to establish strong management bodies that will ensure that the recommendations proposed herein are implemented to the letter over time. This is because it is hardly likely that these recommendations will immediately bring about results but it is conceivable that over time, results will start being visible with the quality of products improving with employee morale. It is also important not to rush the process and instead focus on first solving the current situation without a set time frame.
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