pols-217 Globalization

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pols-217 Globalization

Assignment #1 – Exploring Cultural Globalization is to be submitted electronically via ‘Assignments’ onBlackboard, and will be automatically screened using Safe Assign. It is due end of day (11:59 pm) on
Monday, June 21th (end of Week 5), and is worth 10% of your final grade.
As discussed by your readings and learning materials, cultural globalization is an incredibly complex, andmuch debated phenomenon. This “intensification and expansion of cultural flows across the globe”
(Steger, 2017, p. 80) involves both the homogenization, and hybridization of cultural practicesthroughout the world.
This assignment invites you to consider how the dynamics of cultural globalization shape your own livedexperiences. Your task is to choose any ONE specific cultural product, experience, or expression, and explain how it reflects the dynamics of cultural globalization. You may, for example, choose toconsider the ways in which a particular food you enjoy or music you listen to demonstrates thephenomenon of ‘glocalization,’ or perhaps how the adoption of a Western style of dress or the globalpopularity of an American movie reflects the phenomenon of cultural homogenization. Investigate yourchosen example by exploring one or two credible outside sources for further information (e.g. news sites, business websites, magazine articles, music videos, etc.).
Once you have a good amount of detailed information about your specific cultural product, experience,or expression, use theoretical and empirical details drawn from your readings, and related learning
materials to explain precisely how your example demonstrates the phenomenon of culturalglobalization. Be sure to clearly define and explain key concepts (e.g. culture, Americanization,hybridization) using your readings, and learning materials.
Remember to properly reference all ideas and information using APA referencing format, to avoid theserious academic offense of plagiarism. See the following site for guidance about how to properly reference direct and indirect quotes: http://library.humber.ca/APA-MLA N.B. Failure to properlyreference constitutes plagiarism and will result in an automatic grade of zero. Students who committhis serious academic offense will be reported to the college for academic misconduct.
In order to communicate your ideas, and express your understanding of course materials, you maycomplete this assignment using any ONE of the following formats –
1. Informal Essay
Compose an informal essay of approximately 500 – 750 words to describe your example, andexplain how the example you have chosen demonstrates the dynamics of cultural globalization.Your ideas should be organized using proper sentence and paragraph structure. Remember toproperly reference all information and ideas using APA citation format.
2. Video Presentation
Create a video presentation, with a slide show of approximately 8 – 10 slides, to describe yourexample, and explain how the example you have chosen demonstrates the dynamics of culturalglobalization. Your slides should be arranged in a logical sequence, and information should bearranged clearly. Remember to incorporate a balance of both text, written in your own wordsas much as possible, as well as imagery to convey your ideas. Be sure to properly reference allinformation, ideas, and images on your slides, using APA citation format

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