Patient Education Technology: DrawMD Application

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Patient Education Technology: DrawMD Application

Words: 325

Subject: Health IT

Table of Contents Scenario mHealth Application Teaching Evaluation References Scenario Mr. Smith is a 50-year-old male that is currently hospitalized due to issues with his gallbladder. His physician and a surgical consult decide that he requires a cholecystectomy to remove the gallbladder which has consistently troubled the patient. Mr. Smith is required to give consent for the surgery but wants to know what exactly will be done and how it would affect his life moving forward. Mr. Smith has a master’s degree in a technical field but does not understand medical concepts by reading the text, needing a visual aid. mHealth Application Name: DrawMD Purpose: Provides simple and interactive visual aids to medical professionals attempting to provide patient education. Intended audience: The app is meant for medical professionals to be used with any patients who require visual aid to understand their treatment (Visible Health, n.d.). Mobile device(s) upon which it will operate: iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. Where to download or obtain it: Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Also available as a web version. Teaching Interface: The interface is simplistic and responsive, available for both patients and medical professionals to understand. Usability: The application has a variety of templates which can be used as the starting point and with various creative tools, one can customize the diagram based on unique characteristics of the patient. The final diagram can be shared so the patient can bring the image up on their mobile devices after the educational session. Favorite Thing: Creative tools allow to present practically any known condition or treatment visually. Favorite Thing: Content packs are available for specific medical disciplines or conditions to enhance the experience (Misra & Abuel, 2017). Evaluation The patient is able to comprehend the reason and process of the surgical intervention. Patient has access to the diagram in order to comprehend any future education on managing the condition. The application allows to provide visual support for nurses without the hassle and expense of creating additional materials. References Misra, S., & Abuel, V. (2017). App Review: DrawMD. Web.

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Visible Health. (n.d.). DrawMD. Web.

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