ORGB 364 Organizational Behaviour

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ORGB 364 Organizational Behaviour

Write about a time when you were very motivated; i.e. you made a considerable effort to work towards something over a period of time. This could be in a work, sport, volunteer or personal situation.
Your story should include details such as:
• what was the situation and who was involved
• what was the time frame
• how did your behaviour change as a result of being highly motivated
• what gave you the greatest satisfaction about the situation
The format should be:
• Typed, double spaced
• Approximately 200 words (minimum one page, maximum two pages)
• Spelling and grammar need to be checked
Part 2 – Motivation story exchange with a classmate via email
Exchange motivation story with your assigned classmate, read your classmate’s motivation story and analyse. Describe how the motivation theory that you’ve learned in this course helped you understand why the student was motivated. Demonstrate your understanding of the theory by:
• Naming and defining the most relevant motivation theory to the story from Chapter 5. • Explaining the theory.

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