ORG30002 Leadership In Context

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ORG30002 Leadership in Context


This assignment is a small team task. By the end of Week 3 your eLA will allocate students to team of 3–4. Teams will use a team discussion board to collaborate on this assignment. Your eLA will ensure that you know how to access your team discussion board.

Identify an inspirational/motivational speech that has made a lasting impression on all of you (you should be able to find video or audio of numerous historically significant speeches online). 

Then, based on your discussions, write a team report that answers the following question: 

1.What key learnings are highlighted from analysing the above speech, with reference to the given context?

Key Learnings

For example,  use context – situation/ circumstances when the speech is made, ie post war, post economic unrest, during a political rally, etc

Assignment Criteria

Effective integration of relevant literature (use of appropriate theoretical constructs ideas and findings).

Coherent line of reasoning/ argumentative structure clearly linking a number of key aspects of the discussion with research findings.

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