ORG20003 Organisational Behaviour

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ORG20003 Organisational Behaviour



You are required to write an essay on one of the following four topics.

The organisational consequences of work-life balance have become an important issue for organisations today. It is believed that balancing a successful career with a personal/family life can be challenging and impact on an individual’s satisfaction in his/her work. Discuss these statements.

In recent decades, increasing changes in the content and organisation of work have resulted in an intensification of work, which is regarded as a cause of stress. What are the effects of this job stress, in particular, on an employee’s wellbeing and job satisfaction? And how can these effects be prevented?

Much attention has been paid to the belief that working in groups will yield greater productivity than individuals working alone. The increasingly global nature of organizations has made groups comprised of individuals from different cultural backgrounds commonplace. Thus employees are being confronted with co-workers of diverse cultural and socio-demographic backgrounds. Discuss the impact of this phenomenon on effort levels of group members and the implications for organizations.

Critically evaluate the use of key motivational theories in increasing employee engagement. In your answer, use examples to support your arguments and consider the practical application of the theories relative to improving employee engagement within the organisation.

This is an academic research essay. Academic journal articles should be your primary resource. You are required to critically consider the essay topic and find supportive evidence for your answer

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