Opinion on the Principles of the World Health Organization

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Opinion on the Principles of the World Health Organization

Words: 534

Subject: Healthcare Research

Health to start with, is the effectiveness and metabolic capability of living beings. It involves both the physiological and psychological components of the living being, and when both are balanced at acceptable and optimum levels, then the living being is said to be healthy. The World Health Organization defines health as the state of being physically, socially and psychologically fit. Individuals and even animals try their best and strive towards achieving and maintaining the highest standards of health fitness possible. The reason is that they understand that one can only be fully productive in good health.

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Lately, the society we live in is becoming more educated in matters of their physical and psychological wellbeing, and therefore paying more attention to themselves. This is evident through the gradual changes that can be observed in the society’s new trends for example through the products that people use and prefer, new dieting methods, the numerous health and fitness magazines, seminars, and they hunger for keeping physically fit for example the looking at the number of people enrolling in gym classes per annum are just but a few indicators that the society is becoming more conscious about its wellbeing, comparing to the past. In my opinion, health consciousness has been brought by various factors such as the ever-rising cases of diseases and illnesses. Every day, a new disease is being detected and doctors and health officers working really hard to provide solutions to these problems. Society on the other hand is doing everything possible to avoid these diseases. Both the governments and non-governmental organizations play an important role in educating society concerning their health and how to keep free of diseases and illnesses. The past two decades have seen an incredibly high level of improvement in the number of health facilities and development in the already existing ones such as spas, gymnasiums, massage parlors, etc. Due to increased diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tuberculosis etc, there has been a notable change in the mode of eating and the people’s general lifestyle. Non-governmental organizations, the government itself and health specialists are advising people on how to keep fit and avoid diseases because as much as people are trying, new disease-causing bacteria are being detected. Technology and globalization have contributed to some extent to this. For example, canned foods from all over the world are potential bacteria distributors. This takes place when expired foods and fruits for example, are exported from one country/continent to another. The movement of people from one country to another is another major facilitator of bacteria spread. In my opinion therefore, as much as society is trying its best to live healthy and disease-free, there is still a lot to be done to ensure that this is achieved. For example, thoroughly checking travelers’ health status before their travelling is one way to achieve this. Not even the smallest of details should be undermined. Secondly, serious acts should be formulated and observed concerning imported and exported foods, especially canned foods. This is achievable especially if foods’ manufacturers strictly observe the seven HACCP principles in the production and selling of their foods. With these proposals being observed, society’s health levels will be maintained at acceptable standards.

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