Nursing: The Extraordinary Impact of Endings by Dunlap

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Nursing: The Extraordinary Impact of Endings by Dunlap

Words: 508

Subject: Healthcare Research

Table of Contents An Analysis of an Article Assigned Article Summary Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice Conclusion Reference An Analysis of an Article Dunlap’s article describes the importance of ending the workday and meeting with patients correctly and why it positively impacts both nurses and patients. Dunlap (2019) claims that “in this era of value-based care, an organization’s success hinges on patients’ perceived quality of their experience and care” (p. 38). Therefore, providers should understand the significance of showing attention to everyone at all work stages since it has a huge influence on patients’ thinking.

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Assigned Article Summary It has been scientifically proven that the end of the experience is important for creating a general picture of a situation in a person’s mind. Particularly, numerous studies show that people tend to remember the most unpleasant part of the situation and its ending in more precise details than the complete event. (Dunlap, 2019). Dr. Daniel Kahneman discovered that individuals perceive better worse experiences, which were more painful and prolonged but ended with fewer unpleasantnesses (Dunlap, 2019). Moreover, when choosing between getting good or bad news first, most patients settle for the former, preferring happy endings (Dunlap, 2019). Thus, it can be inferred that proper endings are significant and necessary in all areas of life, especially in providing medical care. Nurses are highly trained in performing tasks at work, yet, often receive insufficient guidance on successfully completing patient encounters (Dunlap, 2019). Patient ratings for hospital experience correlate with perceptions of care and treatment occurring after the event (Dunlap, 2019). When nurses rush to work with other patients, it makes a negative impression on the current one, making them feel unnecessary. Consequently, nurses should understand the psychological and physical impact of endings on a person’s mind and condition. Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice The article has helped me understand that the poignancy in the endings serves as a way to energize both patients and providers. A sincere desire to help and an awareness of responsibility not only for health but also for the lives and inner state of people comprise the poignant care. In this case, there is no desire to quickly end a working day or a meeting with a specific patient. To further increase the efficiency and motivation, it is necessary to be aware of the progress at the end of the workday and express gratitude, which together will lead to a powerful regenerative effect (Dunlap, 2019). A critical assessment of the situation and retention in memory of the global meaning of the work will also positively impact patients. Conclusion To summarize, showing attention to patients at all stages of work has a significant positive impact on their thinking. Actions based on sincere concern throughout the relationship with patients significantly affect the quality of the relationship with them, their health trajectory, and the speed of recovery. Patients are real people with their own problems who, like no other, need the power of love and poignancy help from medical providers. Thus, thoroughly analyzing one’s work and improving it to provide better services to patients while stressing the importance of endings must become nurses’ top priority. Reference Dunlap, J. J. (2019). The extraordinary impact of endings. American Nurse Today, 14(2), 38–40.

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