NSG2EHP Education For Health Professional Practice

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NSG2EHP Education For Health Professional Practice

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NSG2EHP Education For Health Professional Practice

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Course Code: NSG2EHP
University: La Trobe University

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Country: Australia


Use the learning outcomes identified in assessment one to identify relevant teaching and learning theories and strategies to develop a lesson plan for teaching and assessing your chosen education topic to your  lient/colleague.
Produce a 4 minute video of yourself delivering one objective of your health education lesson plan.


Learning program

Title of program: smoking cessation related education to the patient affected with Asthma


Session 1: Introduction of asthma to the patient


Session 2: Educating her on smoking and its effect on asthmatic condition with proving her importance of smoking cessation



Session title

Session 1:  Introduction of asthma to the patient


On the first day of the patient’s admission when the patient is physically stable and is able to understand her heath condition, the information will be shared.




The time will depend on the availability of the nursing staff. generally the shift exchange time will be chosen for patient education






40 min


As the patient will not be able to concentrate more than this time period.


Patient’s beside

Venue set up

The curtains will be closed to maintain privacy and make the room isolated.


The light over the head of the patient will be turned off so that visual enhancement can be achieved.


The patient will be positioned in sit up position so that she can easily watch and understand the topic


If any family member wants to join the session, they will be provided a chair beside the patient.

Participant description

The patient is a 56 years old woman admitted to hospital due to asthmatic situation. She had a past history of asthmatic situation and she smokes more than 8 cigarettes every day in spite of her asthmatic situation, as she is not being able to change her smoking habit.





Participant numbers

The primary focus of the patient education will be Meryl, however a family member will also be included in the healthcare education for Meryl so that the person can assist her in controlling her smoking habit and asthmatic condition.




The patient is a school teacher and she knows about her asthmatic condition, however she is not aware that her smoking habit can be serious for the asthma and hence, she has minimal knowledge about her disease  and the aim of the education session will be making her understand the importance of smoking cessation in her health condition.

knowledge or skills




Resources required



Paper, pencil and pen for writing and drawing.


Folder full of pictures so that her knowledge can be enhanced.


Activity sheet for assessment.


She will also be rewarded with assessment feedback rewards


Books and pamphlets for further enhancing her knowledge.
Laptop with internet for video playing.



Learning outcomes

 By the end of this session, the patient will be able to

understand the effect of her asthmatic condition
she will understand the effect of smoking on her asthmatic condition
she will explore the smoking cessation program and
will be able to administer her medicines to control her asthmatic condition.
























Aim of the session 





·         The primary aim will be providing the patient with clear and concise knowledge regarding her asthmatic condition and the effect of smoking habit in such condition.




·         To reduce the smoking habit of the patient so that her asthma can be controlled.













































2 min

The lesson will start with a firm introduction with the patient and she will be informed about the purpose of this session. Further with building a rapport with her, she will be informed about the flow of the learning procedure.














Watching videos, discussing and sharing thoughts, question and answer sessions, knowledge assessments, and rewarding will be provided

of learners

the session














Assess prior

2 min

Following questions will be asking to identify the knowledge gap and assess patient’s emotional status:



Are you aware of what happening with you?







Can you share your knowledge regarding asthma?






What is your feeling related to asthma and its effects?












Rationale supported by

Identify chosen









ed difficulties











The patient will be made watching a video where the complete pathophysiology will be explained with animated diagrams.

It is possible that simple explanation may not be attractive for the patient as she knows less about her heath condition, hence, the video will be showed (Martins & carvalho, 2013).

Cognitivism theory

Lap top


Unable to


knowledge of



will be applied, as



open the web link





the video is



Too much





designed at the



noise around






pitch of a patient.


Patients ward.



The pathophysiology, the signs and symptoms of asthma, and techniques of self-management























15 min



The patient may not be able to understand the complete video as her biological knowledge can be limited, therefore assessment evaluation becomes important and further increase her knowledge regarding her asthma related condition. The educator should also be able to find out the ways using which the concept of asthma can be taught to the patient easily (Salina et al., 2012).

The theory of constructivism will be applied as in this situation, the educator is helping the patent to construct an understanding related to her health condition further to build up knowledge related to the concept.

Pen, pencil, paper, folder of pictures, different pamphlets having information of asthma, and different rewards for active participation.

The patient is not sharing her feeling with the educator, further she is unable to understand medical terminologies




The subject of the topic will again be discussed by the educator nurse, so that recap of the topic can be done. Further, good points on successful understanding and active participation will be given to the patient










































































































































5 min



Educator will be re-explaining the concept properly so that the learner or the patient can relate that to her signs and symptoms and become aware of the disease condition.







The patient might loss her patient while re-watching the video and ask the educator to stop the session




The video will be again shown to the patient and whenever required it will be paused so that  explanation to the patients questions can be given (Hoffner et al., 2012)














































































Question and

Patient will ask

The patient and her family member might have a lot

Cognitivism theory will be applied as using this, a new and completely different understanding of the disease will be provided to them.


The patient is asking too many questions that the educator is unable to move forward with the topic or she is asking no such questions.





answer (Q&A)

question and

Of questions in their mind and through this session, they will be provided with an opportunity to understand the disease and effect of patient’s smoking habit on the patient condition ( Kornburger et al., 2013).









educator will answer













book for







The family member present in the room will also be allowed to ask questions.




















































2 min


The strategy of patient lead will be applied and using that the patient will be recalling what has been taught and how much she has understood to understand about her Asthma related condition. The educator will prompt whenever required and though recalling and prompting, education will be reinforced.






























Assessment of













4 min


Open ended question will be used such as “what is asthma” to assess patient’s knowledge of it. Further, assessment will be carried out with rewards so that patient can feel connected to the learning process.




















































Learning program

Title of program

Session title

Session 2: Educating her on smoking and its effect on asthmatic condition with proving her importance of smoking cessation


One day after the session 1 so that the patient can related to the importance of these sessions.


 During shift change, the session will be carried out so that the educator nurse can focus on the patient


 40 mins, as the patient might loss interest in the session


Patients ward

Venue set up requirements

The curtains, lights and other settings will be arranged as the previous session and only patient and her family member will be allowed in the room.

Participant numbers

Patient and her one family member will be asked to join the session

Resources required

Pen, pencil, sheets, laptop, and internet connection would be required to continue the session

Aim of the session

Make the patient understand the positive effects of smoking cessation and harmful effect of smoking on asthmatic condition.
Conducting assessment so that the patient’s understanding can be determined.


Learning outcomes

·         identify the positive effects of smoking cessation
·         Understand the negative effects of smoking in asthmatic condition.

Structure of the session


Time allocation



 2 min

The lesson will start with a formal greeting and recalling the previous session

Engagement of  learners

 Throughout the session

Video watching sharing and conversing about the learning process, and discussing several researches related to smoking in asthmatic condition.

Assess prior knowledge

 2 min

 The questions will be asked such as

Do u know the beneficial effect of quitting smoking?
Do you know the harmful effects of smoking while facing asthmatic issues?






Learning activity

Rationale supported by literature

Identify chosen educational theory

Physical resources required

Question/Anticipated difficulties

3 min

 The patient will be taught about the harmful effect of smoking and will be provided with smoking cessation related interventions.

While watching videos, and pictures, the patient will be taught about the benefit of smoking cessation (Ziebland & Wyke, 2012)

 This will help the patient to remember the concepts and facts (Ziebland & Wyke, 2012)

 Cognitivism theory


 The internet server might be down or the patient did not have any interest in the topic.

15 min

Recap of the video to make the patient understand the importance of changing her smoking habit. she will be rewarded with points on successful completion of session (Hoy, 2014)

 This will enhance the learning process as recap will reinforce the knowledge (Boctor, 2013).

 Behaviorism theory

Pen pencil and paper

 The patient might not understand the topic as it is complex to understand

5 min

 Re-watching the video with pause so that points that are unclear to patient can be cleared to her (Hoy, 2014).

 This will clarify all the doubts of the patient (Hoy, 2014)

Constructivism theory

Pen pencil paper and laptop

 The patient might feel boring and disconnected to the topic.

2 min

Question and answer

Patient will ask the questions and the educator nurse will reply to her concerns to make her understand the learning assessment (Boctor, 2013)

The patient will have a lot of question which need to be answered by the educator and therefore, through this session those concerns will be clarified (Volandes et al., 2013).

 Cognitivism theory

 Pamphlets, cue cards, brochures and pen and paper

 The child do not ask questions or asks too many questions that the educator becomes unable to provide actual information within the time period.






 2 min

In this case as well, the patient led strategy will be applied, in which the patient will recall and the educator will prompt her to reinforce the knowledge.

Assessment of learning




 4 min

 Open ended questions will be asked to the patient related to smoking cessation and from that understanding of the patient will be assessed.

Boctor, L. (2013). Active-learning strategies: The use of a game to reinforce learning in nursing education. A case study. Nurse education in practice, 13(2), 96-100. DOI: 
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Ziebland, S. U. E., & Wyke, S. (2012). Health and illness in a connected world: how might sharing experiences on the internet affect people’s health?. The Milbank Quarterly, 90(2), 219-249.

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