MM4513-Corporate Social Responsibility

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MM4513-Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Analysis Based On The Babson Framework For Ethical Decision Making 
Case 1

British Airways decided to close the Hong Kong International Cabin Crew base at the end of October 2018 in an attempt to cut cost by laying off all 85 Hong Kong-based flight attendants on 26 September 2018. Most attendants were terminated immediately and others would work till the end of October when their contracts expired.  

Case 2

British Airways (BA) was accused of double-standard as airline cancelled the service of offering complementary food and drink on its short haul economy flights but this service was still ongoing under its CityFlyer brand from London City airport – a major hub for business travellers. BA gave ‘special treatment’ to City workers.

You should take ONE of the above two cases to answer the following FOUR questions. 

1. What are the ethical issues of the above case?

 2. Who are the relevant stakeholders in the case?

3. Propose alternatives based on the three major schools of ethics in the Babson Framework for Ethical Decision Making, i.e. Deontological Ethics (Duty), Utilitarianism (Consequences) and Virtue Ethics (Character) and identify consequences of each alternative to the relevant stakeholders. 

4. Which one of these three major schools of ethics is the most commonly used in the business world? Explain with examples.

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