MM320 Organisational Development And Change

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MM320 Organisational Development and Change



This assessment task is compulsory. Assessment Task: Assignment 2 Submission Date and Time: is displayed at the bottom of this page Submission type: Word document (*.doc, *.docx, *.rtf) Value (Weight): 30% of total assessment Word Length: 2000 words (plus or minus 10%) Learning Outcome(s): 1-4 Instructions Following on from assignment 1, you are required to reflect further on the change process that is or has taken place in your organisational or personal context. Please answer the following questions: Briefly restate the change described in Assignment 1. Critically analyse the forms and levels of diagnosis that were employed, and the nature and level(s) of the intervention.What form did the communication of the change process take and how effective was this? Explain, with reference to relevant theories and concepts covered in the unit, how you came to your assessment of the effectiveness. (30 marks) If you were to be engaged as a Change Management consultant, how would you have managed the change process differently and why?You will also be given a score out of 10 for quality of presentation, correct grammar and punctuation, appropriate use and formatting of referencing. Total marks = 100 Assignment Guidelines This assignment is compulsory to submit. Failure to submit by the due date (or the revised extension date granted) can result in the grade of NI – fail incomplete for the unit. Please remain within the word range . Headings, references, reference list, cover page and appendices do not form part of the word count. I suggest using the assignment 2 template as a guide on how to structure your assignment. Download and save a copy to your desktop and then fill in the relevant sections with your assignment content. You can provide any supplementary material in an appendix if relevant, but please do not use this as a means of providing vital information specific to answering the question. Please use the APA style of referencing and provide a reference list at the end of the assignment. For questions 1-3, you will be marked on your ability to draw on appropriate theories and concepts in your discussion. See the marking criteria.

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