Mgt530 International Business

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Mgt530 International Business

Topic 1
Think about the company you work for (or an organisation you have researched).  Discuss the implications of globalisation for this business.  For example, do they export goods or services overseas? Do they import any supplies from overseas? Are there implications for the company flowing from the likely resolutions of the China-US Trade Dispute, Brexit by UK or the Coronavirus?

Topic 2
What factor endowments does Australia have? What about our neighbouring Asian nations including China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Indonesia? Consider 2 or 3 of them and assess each on its own merits. Do these factor endowments reflect our trade patterns? What conclusions do you draw

Topic 3
Visit the DFAT website and read the ‘Trade matters’ document
 What are some of the economic and political reasons the Australian government might employ barriers to trade?
Topic 4
Visit the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” site ( Choose a country (any country you are familiar with) and review the report. What factors are reassuring in this report and what issues are of concern?

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