MGMT721 Leadership principles- perspectives and practice

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MGMT721 Leadership principles, perspectives and practice



The case study must present a clear the connection between your choice of leader and a theoretical approach to Leadership. case study profile should address the following: 1. Discuss the rationale for your choice of the leader (what makes this leader honourable? why do you admire this leader? Provide a clear justification of being honourable with references – i.e. how is the leader honourable?) 2. Context (briefly describe and outline their characteristics and achievements) 3. Examine the approach to leading (how do they lead? What is their style? What is their theoretical approach to leading?) 4. Discuss and evaluate Strengths and weaknesses (Provide a concise analysis) 5. Reflect on Important lessons (What have you learned from investigating this leader?) LEADER CHOSEN: KING ARTHUR with the concept of the round table

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