MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship Innovation and Start-ups

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MGMT13151 Entrepreneurship Innovation and Start-ups


Task Description:

This is an individual assignment that requires you to write an essay.

Learning Objective

This assessment item provides you the opportunity to learn how to identify and analyze an idea or opportunity for a social or commercial enterprise using your understanding of theoretical concepts covered in this Unit.

The assessment aims to develop your critical thinking, research and written communication skills. You can choose to develop an idea or opportunity and feasibility analysis for a social enterprise or a commercial enterprise. Overall, the purpose of this assignment is to appreciate the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation within society.

Task Details

This assignment requires you to identify a new social or commercial enterprise Idea that has potential to be launched as a successful social or commercial enterprise in-future.

You are required to: Provide a brief description of your idea or opportunity Identify the process you followed to develop your idea or opportunity Discuss the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur Evaluate the viability of your social or commercial enterprise idea through a feasibility study Explain the importance of your proposed social or commercial enterprise within society.

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