MGMT1201 Business Communications

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MGMT1201 Business Communications


Choose one topic from the list below. Write a well-developed reflective response to the topic of your choice. Grammar, syntax, spelling, and style are important and will be considered as part of the evaluation. Minimum word count is 250 words per reflective response. Please review The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Rubric for evaluation guidelines.

• Describe a paradigm shift that you have experienced in your life.

• Covey describes the P/PC balance. Use examples from your own life to illustrate an understanding of the P/PC balance.

• Give two examples from your own life when you used a reactive response, and then visually describe a proactive response that might have changed the outcome.

Reflective writing is an important skill as a college student and a necessary skill in the workplace. Reflective writing is not merely describing an event, but instead reflective writing reveals the learning that took place from an event. The learning includes hindsight from the past, and an ability to express how the learning is relevant to both the present and the future. Reflective writing focuses more on the “how?” and the “why?” of an event to reveal the learning and how that learning will change the future outcome of other events.

Learning Outcomes

• Create digitally-written professional communications for readability, coherence, clarity, conciseness, and tone

• Demonstrate self-reflection and strengthen intrapersonal skills

• Apply research tools to enhance communication

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