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Section 1: Description Of The Task

Articulate your entrepreneurial thinking behind your identified problem/opportunity/new venture idea using Steps 1-13 of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) 24 Steps. Specifically, in no more than 2000 words you need to: 

1. Present your market segmentation decision (Step 1), selected beachhead market (BHM) (Step 2) and its total addressable market (TAM) size (Step 4).

2. Create your end user profile based on the chosen persona/s for the BHM.

3. Show a full life cycle use case (Step 6) and the customer’s decision-making unit (DMU) (Step 12) in acquiring the product/service.

4. Identify your anticipated product specifications (Step 7) and quantify the value proposition.

5. Define your Core (competitive advantage) (Step 10) and chart your competitive position.

6. Map the process to acquiring a paying customer (Step 13) and identify your next 10 customers.

Section 2: Description Of The Task

In no more than 750 words, articulate your learning about entrepreneurship in light of your life experiences as well as group work in the unit, while considering how entrepreneurship may be useful for your future ambitions. 

1. Identify and evaluate your new learning about entrepreneurship and your entrepreneurial mindset in the context of context in past/current life experience.

2. Compare your thinking to that of others, reinterpreting your life experience and the importance of new information sources.

3. Explain your approach to learning about entrepreneurship, the drivers behind your actions, attitudes and beliefs and their future application.

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