MAN6925 Project Management

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MAN6925 Project Management

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MAN6925 Project Management

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Course Code: MAN6925
University: Edith Cowan University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


For this assignment you are required to write a academic paper that compares the project management processes described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge as taught in this unit with Agile project management methods.


PMBOK is also known as the Project Management Body of Knowledge. It is been used for the breakdown of the project into various groups. It is been used for managing the projects which is based on the set of standards and conventions. While using the PMBOK, the new methodology is been implemented called Agile, it was developed by the group of 17 people in 2001. The word Agile is been used for referring the values for implementation including Scrum, Kanban, etc.  It was implemented to put the mind-set for delivering values and used for collaborating with the customers (Highsmith, 2009). It has the main values which are been expressed in the following way:

Individuality and the Interactions made on various tools and processes.
Complete documentation on the working software.
Collaborating with the customers over the contract negotiation.
Response made to make the changes on plan.

Agile has the clear objectives made by the customers while having the final deliverables which can be modified or changed. The project team generally take the initiatives to work on the interactive cycles and make the evaluation for the better results at the end of the tasks (Snyder, 2014).
Project Methods
The Agile project methodology is been used for the revolutionary methods which is been introduced for practicing of the project management. Agile Project Methodology is been used for introducing and implementing the various technologies been used for making the software engineering more flexible and efficient. It can be expressed as the ‘Umbrella’ term which is been used for the identification of the various models for the development of the Agile. Agile project management has the specialized area in the Project management (Rose, 2013). Many software industries have started adopting the use of the agile in the developing of the products and services being used for highly collaborating with the more efficient nature and the use of methodologies (Larson & Gray, 2013). Various methods and approaches been applied on this technology for the developing methods of the project which were on the Agile principles. Various variants of the agile methods are:

Extreme Programming- It is an Agile Software engineering methodology. It is also known as the Extreme XP methodology, which is mainly used for producing the software’s within an appropriate environment. It permits to provide the greater flexibility for the modelling process. The main aim of the project is to have the lower cost which mainly used for lowering the cost used for requiring the software’s. It is the most common model been used for modelling the cost of changing the requirements and later the project can vary to the different fields (Conforto et al., 2014). The main advantage of the Extreme Programming methodology is

This methodology mainly emphasis on the involvement made by the customer.
It mainly helps in establishing to the rational plans and the schedules been fixed for achieving the bigger advantage

The following principles of the extreme programming are:

Simple way of designing
Acceptance to the customer tests
Programming is done in the pair
Process is made on the Continuous Integration
Development in the Test Driven (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017).
There are specific codes for the standards.

Dynamic Section Development Model- It can be expressed as the software development methodology which is initially based on the rapid way of implementing the application and developing of this methodology. It is the model which is been used for the iteration process and incrementing the approach that mainly emphasize on the continuous user involvement. This methodology has the main aim for delivering the software systems on the time and to the budget. It mainly works on the philosophy that mainly tells about nothing have been developed properly and perfectly in the first attempt and it is been considered as the ever changing in the process (Layton & Ostermiller., 2017). The main advantages of this model is:

In this model, the users are greatly participating in the development of the systems, so they mainly have the intention to have a grip based on the software development.
This model provides the facility of delivering the basic functionality for delivering the projects quickly and the major functionalities being delivered at the frequent intervals of time.
It provides the easy way of accessibility by the developers to the end-users (Schwalbe, 2015).

The following principles of Dynamic Section Development Model are:

It has the following rules based on the MoSCow are:

M- It must fulfil all the requirements
S- It should have all the possibilities
C- It should not face any critical situations
W- The time is not given but later it is considered.

Crystal Methods- This method is actually the grouping of the existing development of the approaches. It helps in to primarily based projects to adjust them separately. It has the involvement with the every project by applying the various set of policies and conventions. The advantage of the following approach are:

It is based on the people centred method.
It mainly focuses on dividing the work incrementing the steps.

The following principles of Crystal are:

Promotes the early and the frequent delivery of working software.
High user performance

Feature Driven Development- It is been used and processed for designing the iterative software to have the usability in the team and working on the object oriented technologies. It is used for transitioning form the face based approach to an iterative approach. Advantages of this process are:

It helps in to move the bigger size of project s and to achieve the success.
It has the five processes which mainly help in to bring the work done in the shortest time (Dybå et al., 2014).

It has the basic features and principles:

Featuring in the team
Inspections is made
Configuration management
Visibility in the progress and to the results.
Development is made according to the features.

Scrum Development Methodology-It is used for applying to the nearly technology. It is been process for the suitability of the appropriate projects that are rapidly changing on the high amount of the emerging requirements. This is been used for beginning to the reviews and ending up with the final conclusion of the final review (Boutros & Cardella, 2016). The technology has best used for speeding the development of the software which mainly include the iterations for developing the software. Advantages are:

It helps in making the decisions entirely to the teams
It enables the methodologies where the requirements and the documentation is not considered significantly.

The following principles of the Scrum are:

It is based on the Product Owner.
Functionality in the Product Backlog.
Estimation on the Cross Functional Teams.
Signing up to the delivery of the potentially shippable increments (Fernandez & Fernandez, 2008).

Lean Development Methodology- This process is been used for focusing on the creation of the easy way of changeable software’s. This methodology has been strategically used for developing and focusing on the agile methodology. The main objective and the goal have been set up for developing the software in half of the time period with the minimal amount and the less budget for the required workflow (Kerzner, 2013). The main advantages of this methodology is:

Earliest elimination is been made for the overall efficiency of developing the process for the certain help needed to speed up the process for the entire development of the software.
The product is been delivered at early stage for the definite advantage (Hoda & Murugesan, 2016).

The following principles of the Lean Methodology are:

Eliminating of the waste
Amplification in the learning process
Building the Integrity
Empowering the team
Delivering the project as fast as possible.

Contrasts Methods
Essentially, agile project management is better and appropriate for the volatile and developing the innovative projects for the development of the software’s. In terms of the contrasts methods various approaches is being used for the comparison in the agile project management. There are various approaches. There are various methods which are being used for the various methods that are been taken. There are several differences between the various approaches depending upon the sizes of the projects (Špundak, 2014).  The software development is used for making the differences in the following that is, to state the principles and the values stated in the Agile Manifesto for receiving the attention in the project management. Various Differences between the approaches applied in the agile project management are:







Development Process

· It is been used for the releasing the metaphor
· It is Simple
· Refactoring
· Provide the accessibility  for testing the process

· Scrum is been used for the backlog and sprint
· It has the Sprint review
· It has the sprint review

· It has the domain which is being used for the object modelling developing and featuring the individual ownership for the feature teams.
· It is been used for inspecting
· Used for the regulatory in the bulks

· It is been used for the improvement in the active user which is been empowered by the teams
· It has the frequent delivery of the product
· Software Inspection
· It has the fineness based on the business process

· It has the appropriate staging for the flow
· It is holistic in nature and have the strategy parallelism and change for usability to the views
· Review and revision is made in this (Abrahamsson et al., 2017).

Project Management process

· Standard maintain while implementing the code and planning the game

· It is the Scrum master

· It is been used for the Reporting and providing the visibility to the results

· It has no specification in the process

· It enables the monitoring of the process.

Software Configuration  Control Process and Support Process

· It  does not have the specifications

· It has the control on meeting the daily serum but it is not been specified

· Accessibility for managing the configurations

· It does not have the specifications in this process

· Not specified in the configuration process.

Applicability- Nature of Projects and the methods used for the clear identification
The nature of the product is based on the various applications being used in the current scenario for the identification and having the various methodologies and strategies used for the bigger success in the project management. The Agile team are more expertise and skilled for the overall completion of the project. The application is being used for processing the agile technology and the tools used for the main roles and the technologies and the techniques being used for emerging with the agile methodologies and the techniques with the higher involvement in building the decisions. There are various applications in the field are:

Feasible studies or projects/ Pre-feasibility
Maintenance, repairing of implementing the projects and jobbing (Schwaber & Beedle, 2002).

Comparison between Agile Project Management and PMBOK

In the world of business where the competition is continually growing at the faster speed and time to the market is also shrinking at the higher rate Agile Project Management have been expanded to the business world locally and globally for emerging into the multiple technologies. This methodology addresses the needs of the present business situations. The technology is been implemented for emerging into the large business services by providing the various facilities like higher level of the quality of the product, performance and control which is been set up to satisfy the customer. The technology is been implemented for the development process which as the main aim of achieving the customer satisfaction more than the traditional methods used in the present and the future scenario.
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