MAN5100 Ombudsman To The Rescue Case Study

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MAN5100 Ombudsman to the Rescue Case Study


1. Immediate Issue(s) or Problem(s):

Define the immediate problem(s) or identify the decision(s) that must be made. State a time frame; how long do you have to make the decision?

2. Basic Issue(s) or Associated Issue(s):

List any other issue that might influence your decision. These can be higher level, strategic issues.

3. Issue(s) Analysis or Information Summary:

Summarize the important or major pieces of information from the case. Identify which are the facts, opinions and assumptions. State your assumptions clearly. Analyze any financial information made available in the case; financial analysis is an essential part of your analysis. Identify any long-term issues.

4. Alternative Solutions or Options: The most important part!

List the various options available to resolve the problem. Discuss each option and state the advantages (pro) and disadvantages (cons) of each option. Refer to quantitative and/or qualitative information as needed in order to demonstrate the points raised. This is the major part of the case and demonstrates that you clearly understand the issue(s) and the various possible outcomes.

There are usually at least three good options in a case and often many more. Identify each option clearly and always show the pros and cons of each.

5. Recommendation(s) and Implementation:

Based on the analysis of the options, state what you would do to correct the problem (recommendation) and how you would do this (implementation). Your recommendation is usually a restatement of the best option. This is not the time to analyze new options. The implementation plan should list the steps and include a time frame or target date.

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