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MAN1100D Management


Good essay will contain reference to a number of studies and you must acknowledge the source of all information, not just that which is directly quoted. However, your assignment should not simply be an edited version of other people’s words and ideas. It is important to critically analyse these works and to offer your own opinion substantiated by evidence.

The aim of the assignment is for students to gain experience and develop skills in examining, analyzing, researching and writing an essay addressing a topic on a major component of the course.

It is important to start exploring the subject material well before the due date. This gives time to adequately research and reflect on how you are going to develop your argument. You should reasonably expect to begin preparation at least four weeks before the paper is due.

1. You must argue your case, don’t restate or describe facts.

2. We do not have a single right answer in mind. You need to develop your unique argument based on your own research and analysis.

3. Logically examine competing views you find in the literature.

4. Include the use of business examples to support your ideas.

“Having competent and well-motivated employees are equally important for organizations.” Examine this statement in the context of different motivational theories and how managers could use them under different circumstances?

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