Major Sustainability Initiatives Taken By Canon & CSC

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Major Sustainability Initiatives Taken By Canon & CSC

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Major Sustainability Initiatives Taken By Canon & CSC

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Disucss about the Major Sustainability Initiatives Taken By Canon and CSC.

Green Information Technology has currently become one of the most widely used and essential data intensive business sources of energy that has become both costly and scarce.  According to United States, environmental protection agency the estimated cost of utility has become $7.4 in the year of 2010 and simultaneously has become $4.5 Billion in 2015.  For this particular report, the nominated companies are Canon and CSC and the aim of these companies are to develop sustainable green IT footprint (Esfahani, Rahman and Zakaria, 2015). After analyzing the case studies, the detail actions rather initiatives those have been undertook by the companies are elaborated in this report.
Carbon Footprint is defined is one of the most serious issues that the large to medium companies are continuously facing (Deng and Ji, 2015). The carbon footprint is a measurement of carbon dioxide emission, which is associated to the activities of the entities. This includes direct emission from cars. With 4 percent of the total population of the world contributes a 25 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas. Only America produces a 20% of the total emitted CO2. Due to these reasons the environment gets always negatively impacted that has to be controlled professionally (Jnr, and Pa, 2015). Different sustainable IT practices are identified and applied in the business organizations to reduce the risks. In addition to this, the IT companies also consider different green IT strategies so that the issues of the carbon emission can be resolved.      
Case study analysis
Initiatives taken by Canon
The company named as Canon was established in the year of 1978, which is a subsidiary of United States (US), $45 Billion. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and the total number of employees working fir the company is around 1100 (Koo, Chung and Nam, 2015). The stakeholder of the company gives allows all the products to be division the objectives to achieve through sustainability. These divisions are again scored against each other, which imply that environmental awareness is generally built within the company.  In order to become one of the most well known operational and functional companies in the world it is necessary for the company to make the division priority (Patel, Mehrotra and Soner, 2015). For reaching all areas of sustainability the termsand co-operation has become an integral part to the company.
There are many global companies, which believe in gaining benefit from the stakeholders associated to the project. This is the responsibility of the stakeholders to become good corporate citizens also. In case of Canon the responsibility was undertake by Kyosei a specific business philosophy that has promoted an idea of both working and living together for a common shared business goal (Unhelkar, 2016). The spirit of co-operation is very much important to Canon. In order to become one of the innovative as well as successful manufacturers of technology they have installed multi functional devices in their company to reduce the excessive emission of gas pollutants and loss of energy. The new technical model developed by the company is more effective and efficient from the business sustainability perspectives. The sustainability advantage programs have joined professionally by Canon (Piattini, 2016). In order to reduce the resource reduction plan the company is further looking for more specifications by making basic carbon audits. Canon has put together the carbon strategies by using the advantage methodology. The company has developed a small team to identify the potential directions to reduce the overall company emissions. This company gives the consumers best possible solution to the consumers (Ainin, Naqshbandi and Dezdar, 2016). The company had moved their state offices in smaller regions and much more energy effective premises. Moreover, it can be said that, the company serves an energy efficient service to their consumers. Some global initiatives taken by Canon include producing products that are environmentally conscious, promoting some environmental programs.
Canyon had introduced a recycling program where the cartridges used by their products can be recycled (Kharchenko and Illiashenko, 2017). It would be dangerous for the environment if huge number of cartridges used were dumped into the environment. Products manufactured by Canon are used worldwide and the number of cartridge dumped would be countless. This is devastating for the environment (Simmonds and Bhattacherjee, 2014). Therefore, the company introduced a special type of cartridge that could be utilized. Canon adapted an appropriate recycling program. These cartridges allow the users to conserve environmental resources by reusing the empty ink as well as toner cartridges. These empty cartridges are used as resources for new cartridges (Matsumoto and Nasr, 2016). The cartridges are recycled by following various processes. At first, the ink and the cartridge would be dismantled into various components by recycling vendor. Metal and plastic are the basic components of the cartridge. The plastic and metal would be used in producing new products. This minimizes waste as well as the necessity of extracting new materials. The parts that are non-recyclable are incinerated. This process of recycling helps minimizing wastes as well as pollution (Tong and Wong, 2016). Along with that, it also increases resource recovery. The ink used in cartridges is very harmful for the environment. If it is dumped in landfills, it will affect the soil largely. A part of land might get barren if cartridges are regularly disposed. After raining this residue of ink would, get drained into the water bodies, which will be harmful for the organisms, that dell in water. This disposal of hazardous wastes into water  bodies effect  people living in that are because that extract water for daily use from nearby water body (Cannavò, Lane and Barry, 2014). If they use the water of effected water body, they will be diagnosed with various diseases. The used cartridges are then returned to the company’s corporate customers. The process do returning the cartridge is made hassle free in order to encourage participation. Customers using Canyon cartridges can indicate when their cartridge gets over. They do it for returning the old cartridges and get new ones (Fan, Pan and Yang, 2015). The courier deliverer is assisted to deliver the new orders and collect the old cartridges. These cartridges are collected for recycling. This process includes no additional effort as well as additional cost. Canon restricts using some substances that are lead, mercury, Polybrominated Biphenyls, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium and polybrominated diphenyl ether (Di, Fan and Yang ,  2015). Canon has introduced a project called project Homecoming. A program recycles ink as well as toner cartridge. This project engages the authorized partner for recycling the products. This program ensures that the entire process of separating, dismantling and processing of the cartridges are carries out safely and correctly. These initiatives help Canon to nurture its social responsibilities among its customers, efforts in long term and sustaining the environment conservation habits (Zhang, Akwei, and Zhang, 2016). The company has always wanted to reduce their emission of carbon. For this, they made use of the advantage of sustainability methodology. With the help of this, they had put together their strategy for carbon reduction. For implementing their plans, they have formed smaller teams. Then they identified their potential ways that could reduce the emission of carbon. In addition to this, they also produced a McKinsey curve for cost of abatement. This curve helped them to identify their opportunities. Canon has been a sales as well as marketing company. This made them realize that the major source of carbon emission was present in their own buildings. They intently took action against this and shifted their state offices to comparatively smaller premises. They ensured that these premises were energy efficient too. They also took actions to improve energy efficiency of their head office, which is located at North Ryde (Sharma, Chandna, and Bhardwaj, 2017). The company has also invested in carbon monitoring tools. These tools could detect the amount of carbon released by the company in the process of producing their products and services. This confirmed the company that their process does not release much carbon. The information extracted from the company’s electricity meters is provided into the tool. This helps thee tool to recognize ways by which carbon emission can be reduced. Canon has always committed to reduce its impacts on the environment. It has reduced the impacts on every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from sourcing the raw materials, innovation of technology at global level to managing their local facilities efficiently. Canon has its recycling program at its sites. The products and parts that are returned to the company by customers are refurbished, reused or recycled (Srivastav, and Gaur, 2015). Canon has involved numerous times in industry as well as government programs in order to establish schemes of collecting as well as disposal of wastes. Cartridges are collected from customers when they order for new cartridges. These used cartridges are recycles and used again. This cycle continues in order to prevent the cartridges from getting disposed in landfalls. They do not believe in disposing the wastes into landfills.
Initiatives taken by CSC
Computer Sciences Corporation also known as CSC has been an American multinational corporation. This company has provided services on information technology and some professional services. It has merged with Enterprise Services line on 3 April 2017. This was done in order o create DXC technology (Matsumoto and Nasr, 2016). It has been ranked as the leading companies that provide IT services in the entire world. The company had been ranked eighth in the Software Magazine for the largest software service provider. Companies that provide software services like internet connection, broadband connection and many more tend to produce some hazardous substances that are released into the environment. These substances effect the environment in many ways. CSC aims in creating limited impacts on environment. They dispose their residual products safely so that they do not affect the environment. They have done this by promoting effective as well as efficient recycling program (Cannavò, Lane and Barry, 2014). The company allows the customers to return its products that are no more in use. These products are taken back free of cost and in order to safely dispose the useless products. Thus in return reduces the overall count of e-waste. The company also takes products from other companies for disposal. The products include router, cables, printers, computers, monitors. The company has also contributed in going green by utilizing less amount of energy required for producing its products or services. CSC provides software services. These services require a continuous supply of energy. The company has promoted many campaigns to promote conservation of energy. It also promotes the use of renewable resources of energy along with clean energy products. CSC has supported as well as funded projects on green energy (Matsumoto and Nasr, 2016). This is done by buying and then installing a huge number of windmills as well as solar panels. This company went green when it had realized the need and benefits of sustainable environment. Sustainable development increases the amount of customers. People who are environment conscious and want to contribute in sustainable environment would prefer the products and services of the company that promotes and supports sustainable environment. CSC had introduced a scheme where people who support sustainable environment by buying their products or using their services would be provided with impressive offers. This scheme impressed the loyal customers as well as increased the number of customers. The company integrates green elements in the processes used by them. It reduces the impacts of its products and services on the environment. Its products and services leaves negligible amount of carbon footprint on the environment. Its products are completely recyclable. In order to do this the company takes various impressive steps. The company is committed to using renewable energy. CSC realizes the use of sustainable environment in the business. The products that are environment friendly are very much useful for the company. It utilizes fewer amounts of resources of the company. It also increases the revenue of the company. CSE has been operating since 1959, in Los Angeles. This organization has been dealing with the processing of the Information Technology. By the end of the 1960s, the processing of the project was being progressed in an efficient rate, leading to the fact that the processing of the organization was very productive in nature. This fact ensures that the data processing will be performed in a very efficient way. This includes the processing of the data in a very proficient accent. This aspect was acting as the main reason behind the success of the organization. This was the main reason that lead to the fact that Computer Sciences Corporation was taking a huge leap in the processing of the project.
During the late 1960s , the organization was already related to the likes of IBM and HP enterprise (Park and Jeong, 2014). The transaction of the data in the process the business was transformed in a very efficient manner. This made the organization to be ne off the most efficient brands that deals with the transaction of the information technology services. due to the fact that the organization Computer Sciences Corporation was dealing in huge content the major thing that came into the mind of the higher authority of the organization was the disposal f the e wastes that was created during the processing of the transaction that the organization perform. This will ensure the fact that the processing of the data will prices the fact that the data transaction will be consuming the major part of the processing of the task. the processing of the data ensures the fact that it will require the processing of the internet and the entire process will hence generate a lot of waste that are harmful in nature. The major problems with the e waste are that they are not degradable and they stay in the environment for a long period affecting the environment in a drastic way (Jnr and Pa, 2015). This lead to the fact that the higher authorities of the Computer Sciences Corporation started bothering regarding the waste management that is created by the organization. In this case, the organization tried to use many applications to dispose the wastes that were generated during the processing of the transacting of the information technology data. The governing committee of the organization decided to deploy the methodology of the processing of the Green Information Technology processing, leading to the fact that the asset management was managed with proper methodologies. This ensured the fact that the processing of the waste management was done with the processing of the green IT (Zhang and Xie, 2015). This will ensure the fact that the processing of the green IT will be done with the help of the processing of the data transmission  leading to the fact that the data transmission will lead to the lack of transmission of the waste is stopped and the processing of the project hence is considered waste free. Hence Computer Sciences Corporation cats as an example for all the organizations that deal with the Information Technology had data transporting.    
Conclusion and Recommendations
From the above report, it can be concluded that the application of green IT has been very beneficial for the organization Canon and CSC. Green computing is not a new concept. Green IT is itself a technology. Going Green is taking a move to become more environments friendly and use natural resources as much as possible. It also reduces cost incurred for buying the resources needed to produce the products or services. In order to implement Green It in business it is important to have knowledge regarding the resources required for the production of its services or products.  Both the companies Canon as well as CSC have implemented methods to be environment friendly. The implementation of Green It is definitely useful for organizations but they are much more expensive while implementation. Such as implementing solar panels in an organization indulges too much cost. Going green is a slow process. It does not happen overnight. Some recommendations that can be utilized for implementing Green IT in the companies and make them environment friendly.
Buying hardware that is energy efficient: Major hardware vendors offer workstations, notebooks and servers. These meet the energy star guidelines. This helps in lower power consumption. A multi-core processor increases the processing outputs. It does not increase the energy usage. They also provide high efficiency in power along with fans that are temperature controlled and processors that utilize low voltage for functioning.
Use technologies that can manage the power used: systems can be set in hibernate mode when not used. This process powers down the CPU and RAM. The hardware vendors have own power management softwares. These softwares either are loaded in their system or offer them as options. These can be installed in computers in order to make the computer utilize fewer resources.
Consolidate the storage with SAN/NAS solutions: just in the way server consolidation saves energy, consolidation of storage also helps in saving energy
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