Issues In Global Business And Strategic Concepts

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Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts



Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts Case Study Company: Siemens ‘renewable energy/wind power’ The focus should be on Siemens renewable energy, and how it currently strategizes for success. Structure Outline of the Report • Word Count : MAX 4000 WORDS 1. Executive Summary. 2. Table of Contents. • 3. Introduction. * • 4. Main Body (including Headings)* • 5. Conclusions * • 6. Recommendations* • 7. Appendices • 8. Referencing • Max 16 (Mostly Websites) / HARVARD REFERENCING SYSTEM You are required to carry out an in depth investigation into the organization, with a view to the strategy of Siemens ‘wind power’ division. The assignment is based around the topics that we have discussed and introduced to you during both semesters. You are required to: Using the module content, wider reading and your own research, critically evaluate the Siemens ‘renewable energy/wind power’ strategy and advise on its future strategic direction (MODULE CONTENT) 1. Political Economy • 2. Strategy of international business • 3. The Organization of International Business • 4. Entry strategy and strategic alliance • 5. Exporting importing and countertrade • 6. Global production outsourcing and logistics • 7. International Trade Theory / FDI Could also include: • Ethics • Political Economic Development • Globalization • Regional Economic Integration Note:-Using the module material, the assignment is not predominantly a debate about Brexit or hypothesising what it might look like. Renewable Energy –Wind Power • Capitalizing on offshore potential -The demand for global energy is projected to keep increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 21% per year until 2021. In the worldwide quest for more renewable energy sources, the rapid development of offshore wind power acknowledges it as the future of the sector • Global onshore growth -Today, the critical need for sustainable sources of energy has become a pressing global issue. Over the last few decades, onshore wind power has emerged as the favoured solution, and has developed into one of the most valued sources of renewable energy worldwide. • Floating Wind Farm Highlights for the 3 month period February to April 2016, compared to the same period a year earlier include: •Gas provided 44.4% of electricity generation by Major Power Producers, with nuclear at 21.020.9%, renewables at 19.5% and coal at a record low of 15.2%. •In April 2016 coal consumption by electricity generators was at a record low level, reflecting reduced coal generation capacity along with an increase in the carbon price floor •Wind generation by Major Power Producers down 0.7%, with offshore up 12.8% due to increased capacity, but onshore down 13.6% due to lower average wind speeds. GOV

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