INTL 725 Research Methods For Trade & Development

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INTL 725 Research Methods for Trade & Development

Company – Biba Ventures Inc Country – USA In the PowerPoint Presentation, assuming that the company hires you to conduct research on how to export to a new market (chosen by you / 5 and select by your professor). You will conduct secondary and primary research and present the findings to the compan

y in PowerPoint format. Your primary research is not real; you can make up your data for interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc. For your research, use the following Canadian sources, journal articles available from online library, and Industry Canada data. 1. Export Development Canaa

3. FITT Trade Ready:
4. Canadian Business:

5. Maclean’s:

6. Financial Post: 

7. BNN Bloomberg:

8. McKinsey & Company: PowerPoint format (one slide each). Please see the sample provided.
1. Introduction (first and last names only, no ID).

2. Background on the Product/Service

3. Business Opportunities

4. Research Objectives

5. Methodology / Sampling

6. Implementation Plan (time and cost)

7. Data Analysis and Interpretation (4-5 slides)

8. Business Recommendation

9. Conclusion

10. References in APA format (at least 10 sources) • At least six reputable Internet sources from at least four different organizations • At least one business journal article • At least one book (you can use our textbook) Please note: – Each research objective needs to include:

1) the specific data to be collected by the researcher: “to determine average consumer spending per year on fruitsâ€Â rather than “to determine demand for fruitsâ€Â (“demandâ€Â is not specific; how do you measure “demandâ€Â?)

2) the purpose of / reason for collecting such data: “in order to develop a pricing strategy for fruit products in the ___ marketâ€Â – Methodology and sampling need to be specific:

1) secondary data: include the names of the sources you will use

. 2) primary data: include details on who you will interview, conduct focus groups, your samples, etc. – Each source listed in References needs at least one in-text citation.

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