International Business Negotiation

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International Business Negotiation

1.    Outline:  a bulleted list of what is contained in your Negotiation Plan
2.    Basic information:  Who is negotiating (you can include the role names such as XFM, Unity Trade Union, and Beaufort Management), Where is the negotiation held (make up a venue), When is the negotiation being held (make up a date)
3.    Objectives:  What does your party expect to gain or expect to be the result of these negotiations (Bonus points:  anticipate the objectives of the other parties)
4.    Tradables:  What are the tradables your party will be negotiating over.  What are your positions for these tradables?  (Bonus points:  anticipate the positions of the other parties and the existence of other tradables they might introduce)
5.    Logical arguments for each issue or request:  for each of your tradables, you will be making a request or offer.  You should have a logical argument to accompany each of these requests.  For example:  your company wants to have faster delivery times. Why?  If you give a logical reason that you need faster delivery times, it is easier for the other party to understand and want to work together with you.  If you just demand cooperation with no explanation, you will not get so far.
6.    Anticipate other party’s questions/offers/reactions
7.    Planned concessions:  how are you going to react to the requests of the other parties?  Think about this for each tradable that you have identified.
8.    What is your BATNA?  Remember – a BATNA is an actual, concrete course of action.  It is not an idea or a possible thing you could do.  It should be a real course of action that you have every ability to take at the time when you are negotiating.
9.    Opening Position Statement: at the start of the negotiation, it is very good if your team reads out a prepared statement (about 150 words, not longer) that openly explains to the other parties what you hope to achieve during the negotiations.
10.    Summary of Outcomes:  After the negotiation simulation has finished, you should add one section to your negotiation plan explaining what exactly what agreed

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