Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper

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Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper

NR360 Course Project Team Technology Presentation
Information Systems in Healthcare Paper  Presentation
Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper


The purpose of this Team Technology Presentation is to provide students the opportunity to explore a technology used in the healthcare system. The project requires students to work in a small team together in order to describe how this technology supports the patient care experience through the use of information technology and information structures. Additionally, the student will explore the experience of clear and concise communication skills, when interacting with peers, who may or may not be from the same geographical area, or campus as they are. The final product and discussion/critique of this project is to be completed online with the class in Unit 8.  Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper
Information Systems in Healthcare Paper/ Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following Course Outcomes:
CO 1: Describe patient-care technologies as appropriate to address the needs of a diverse patient population. (PO 1)
CO 5: Identify patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support safe nursing practice. (PO 5)
CO 6: Discuss the principles of data integrity, professional ethics, and legal requirements related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and client’s right to privacy. (PO 6)
CO 8: Discuss the value of best evidence as a driving force to institute change in delivery of nursing care. (PO 8) Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper
Information Systems in Healthcare Paper Guidelines
• This is a Team or Group project. You will be assigned to groups, and given a topic (According to class size—typically 3-5 students will be in a group).  Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper
Please do not ask to change groups, etc. as the group will not be changed. As nurses, we need to be able to participate as a part of a multidisciplinary team, no matter where we are located, and regardless of whether or not we are familiar with a particular individual!
All group members will receive the same grade for each deliverable, UNLESS it is determined that a group member has not been participating in assigned portions of the project. This is why documentation and communication in the assigned Team discussion threads is essential. EVERYONE must complete/sign the Team Charter Form and place it in your designated Group discussion thread under “Team Collaboration” in Course Home.  Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper

Communicate with your team members in the “Team Collaboration” Area of your Course Home, located under Week 8.

NR360 Information Systems in Healthcare
Team Technology Presentation Guidelines and Grading Rubric  Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper
***You will use the Group Project Team Collaboration Threads in the Course home as a “meeting” or communication venue. Be sure you are documenting in YOUR Team’s discussion area, identified by a color assigned to your team! This will also serve as documentation/verification for group members should there be instances where a group member is not contributing to the project. It is up to the team to communicate this to the faculty. ONE designated group member is required to submit the presentation in the drop box ***. The team leader will also need to submit the speaker notes in a WORD document, which will be going through Turnitin as well. If more than one team member submits the project, the Turnitin report will be very high, and Academic Integrity will be a concern for your presentation. YOU COULD THEN RECEIVE A ZERO GRADE, so PLEASE do not make this mistake!  Information Systems in Healthcare Presentation Paper
The Power Point WILL be going through Turnitin, so be certain to carefully paraphrase and cite your work! This includes the SPEAKER NOTES! See above paragraph.
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