Information Systems for Nursing Decision-Making

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Information Systems for Nursing Decision-Making

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Subject: Health IT

Some of the aspects of information systems that have a particularly notable impact on nursing research and education include the collection, systematization, and provision of the data to inform decision-making.

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Apart from that, information systems can help in finding the resources that would facilitate decision-making. For example, A DNP-prepared nurse might use a variety of models for research evaluation, including the AORN model (Spruce, Wicklin, Hicks, Conner, & Dunn, 2014); they contain the guidance on reviewing and assessing relevant data before determining its level of evidence. As for the need to evaluate research, it stems from the fact that nursing, including practice and patient education, needs to be based on evidence to be effective (White & Spruce, 2015). To determine the appropriate way of improving their practice, a DNP-prepared nurse needs to study sufficient materials to make a decision about progressing. The roles that DNP-prepared nurses can perform include those of educators and researchers, and it appears that they can be employed to generate and promote the generation of research for practice, patient education, and other fields that are relevant to nursing (Hammatt & Nies, 2015). For example, DNP-prepared educators are in a uniquely convenient position to employ their leadership skills to promote nursing research. This activity is of primary importance since research is required to ensure the continuous improvement of the various aspects of nursing practice, and DNP-prepared nurses should engage in it. References Hammatt, J., & Nies, M. (2015). DNP’s: What can we expect? Nurse Leader, 13(6), 64-67. Web. Spruce, L., Wicklin, S. A., Hicks, R. W., Conner, R., & Dunn, D. (2014). Introducing AORN’s new model for evidence rating. AORN Journal, 99(2), 243-255. Web. White, S., & Spruce, L. (2015). Perioperative nursing leaders implement clinical practice guidelines using the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice. AORN Journal, 102(1), 50-59. Web.

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