Informatics and Advanced Nursing Practice

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Informatics and Advanced Nursing Practice

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Subject: Health IT

Nowadays, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of nursing informatics. As the use of information technology in nursing grows and significantly enhances the usual procedures, the need for skilled workforce increases as well. Two of the roles that are central to the process are those of a nursing informatics leader and manager.

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The two roles are required to ensure the effective use of information technologies in nursing departments, which is achieved through the establishment of vision and goals, careful governance, and the development of human resources (LaVenture, Brand, & Baker, 2017). In general, it can be stated that the roles of managers and leaders in healthcare informatics are predictive of the use of information technology by a healthcare organization. Moreover, nursing informatics leaders and managers are instrumental from the perspective of innovation and change, care efficiency, patient safety, and many other crucial aspects of healthcare (Hussey, Adams, & Shaffer, 2015). In summary, the two roles are apparently critical. From my experience, the promotion of the use of information technologies depends on leaders to a great extent. At my workplace, I witnessed the difficulties that are associated with change, especially when the introduction of new technologies is concerned. While the reaction to innovation differs, there is always an undercurrent of concern, which may be connected to perceived difficulties, training inefficiencies, and other problems. All these issues can only be resolved with the help of appropriate leadership and management. As a result, both modern literature and my personal experience indicate that managerial and leadership roles in nursing informatics are especially important from an advanced nursing practice perspective. References Hussey, P., Adams, E., & Shaffer, F. (2015). Nursing informatics and leadership, an essential competency for a global priority: eHealth. Nurse Leader, 13(5), 52-57. Web. LaVenture, M., Brand, B., & Baker, E. (2017). Developing an informatics-savvy health department. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 23(6), 638-640. Web.

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