Importance Of Procurement

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Importance Of Procurement

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Importance Of Procurement

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Discuss about the Importance of Procurement and logistic Strategies for Supply Chain Performance.

Project Title
Importance of procurement and logistic strategies for supply chain performance: A review of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.
Overview of the Research Topic
Supply Chain Management (SCM), is identified as an important aspect of every organization irrespective of the size. SCM is further identified as an active management of the activities of the supply chain to maximize the value of the customer. The logistics and distribution of the materials forms an integral part of the SCM process. The improvement process in the supply performance consists of the measures for planning, controlling, designing, monitoring and execution of the supply chain activities with a motive to create net value, leveraging worldwide logistics, competitive infrastructure, and synchronization of the supply with the demand (Wilson 2017). The study is intended to focus on the important aspects of logistics and procurement and its contribution in the supply chain performance particularly for Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. The research will be able to state on the appropriate literature associated to the topic. The proposed plan for the research will be further able to state the objectives and the questions associated to the research topic. The blueprint of the study will be further able to state the applicable methodology, possible outcomes and the timescale required for the final research.
“The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)”, is recognized for building first nuclear power plant in UAE and facilitating Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program in the country. The main aim of ENEC has been observed in terms of delivering a safe, clean, efficient and reliable nuclear energy in the country. It has been further able to focus on developing sustainable nuclear sector which is fully aligned with UAE energy strategy ( 2017).
Research aim
To know about the importance of procurement and logistic strategies for improving supply chain performance at “The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)”
Key Research Questions
The research questions have been able to depict the purpose for the report. Some of the important objective expressed with research questions are listed below as follows:

What are the SCM strategies followed at ENEC and how has it been able to add value to the organization?
What are the logistics and procurement strategies followed at ENEC and how has it been able to add value to the performance of supply chain?
What is the importance of procurement and logistic strategies for improving supply chain performance at ENEC?
What the key areas of improvement which can be made in procurement and logistics to improve the supply chain management at ENEC?

Literature Review
Procurement Strategy
Procurement is defined as the acquisition of the supplies, materials which is required by an organization to operate successfully. Procurement strategy refers to the planned approach for maintaining a cost effective purchase plan required by the supplies of a company. Procurement strategy is identified as a method to purchase the items from external suppliers. It has been further observed that the procurement strategy involved some of the main process such as managing the order, review, receipt and approval of the same from the suppliers. Some of the main tasks involved in the procurement strategy involve development of the quality standards, financing the purchases, price negotiation, buying goods, inventory control and disposal of the wastes like packaging. In development of a successful procurement strategy it is important to source and assess the details of the work. Some of the main details involve using the objectives, existing resources, timeline and the budget for the implementation of the procurement strategy (Jacobs and Chase 2013). A good process to implement the procurement strategy has been discerned with the main rationale of purchasing the equipment. The procurement process has been further identified as the main process is associated to the supplier relationship and ensuring the high level of service is delivered to the user. This is identified as a critical job in the SCM as it helps in getting the service what has been paid for. The implementation process of the procurement management has been mainly identified with ensuring that the issue in the network chain is resolved as quickly as possible. The implementation of the procurement plan has been further observed with ensuring maximum value is received from the supplier relationship (Heizer 2016).
The ENEC has a dedicated ENEC suppler portal through which the supplier can directly interact with the matters concerning registration, profile updates, prequalification, invoice and tenders. ENEC gives the opportunity for other companies to enroll themselves in facilitating procurement solution for the upcoming opportunities ( 2017).
Logistic strategy
Logistics strategy is set on the various types of the guiding principles which are observed to be based on the plans, policies and coordination of the goals of a business. The logistics strategy is not recognized to be confined to the decisions associated to the tactical decisions about transportation and warehousing. The long-term decisions are required to put in place the capabilities of the logistics in supporting product of a company in the market place (Hajiesmaeili 2016). When a particular company is involved in implementing a logistics strategy it is regarded as defining the service levels at a most cost effective manner. As the supply chain is constantly changing in nature, every company dealing in products may develop a number of strategies for a particular product type, specific country and specific customers. The development of the logistics involves improvement in the four distinct levels namely strategic, structural, and functional and implementation. In general logistics strategy should be able to review in what aspect the logistics contributes to those high-level objectives. The structural issue considers the number of warehouses and distribution centers which should to be allotted to a particular manufacturing plant. The functional strategy is useful in separating each separate function in the logistics of the organization in order to achieve functional excellence. The implementation plan includes the procedure for the development and the configuration of the procedures for the development of the management plan for bringing about the change. Some of the important considerations made to build the logistics strategy include transportation, outsourcing, logistics system, competitors, information and strategy review (Li and Luo 2016).
ENEC has been able to implement the logistics strategy by keeping the services at a high level despite of the changes which are in the supply chain. The main goal of the formal logistics is in making sure that the company is able to deliver the appropriate strategy to the customers. In addition to this ENEC is observed to review its logistics strategy from time to time and adapt as the priorities of the supply chain change ( 2017).                
Supply Chain Performance Management
Performance Management in SCM is depicted as the final stage in the supply chain management which is recognized to be in isolation as the monitoring process, which often occurs concurrently with all the other elements in the cycle of supply chain. This particular process is observed to consist of the retrospective analysis to determine whether appropriate process was followed along with the desired outcomes. It is important to develop effective SCM performance and ensure the implementation of the same in accordance with the departmental policies and procedures which are applicable to the various types of the legislative requirements. The SCM performance management takes into consideration suppliers of the goods and services, Service Delivery Realisation and or Value for money and SCM as an overall unit. The monitoring of the suppliers has taken into consideration the database of contracts awarded, Documenting non-performance by the supplier or review of the relationship with suppliers and the improvements (Western Cape Government. 2017). 
Any company active in the manufacturing industry is dependent on the effectiveness of the supply chain. Henceforth, it is not required to optimize the internal production process. A company will be only able to meet the customer’s expectation to meet the specific requirement such as the short delivery times and strict compliance with the deadlines. In case a logistics management needs to function in the correct procedure it is important to convey the requirement messages. Some of the main benefits from the supply chain event management with being informed about important developments and are notified automatically about imminent bottlenecks.  Based on the timely notifications on the material planning the transportation process will be able to gain time for responding to the impeding shortages at an early stage.  The shortage in the supply costs involve extra trips which are avoided (Monczka et al. 2015).
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Supply Chain Strategy
The nuclear energy industry has to implement some of the most stringent quality standard in the world. This has been further able to support the local companies; the ENEC has been further able to work with the local companies to upgrade the systems   to become American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Nuclear component certified by the companies. The company has further taken several steps to become nuclear approved suppliers. The company has been further able to support UAE companies to raise the quality standard to raise the quality standard in the supply chain and to meet the various types of the requirement in the nuclear industry ( 2017). This has been further able to allow for the Emirati companies for the opportunity to contribute to the success of the ENEC program and gain popularity along with a unique advantage in providing nuclear quality services and materials to the world. To the present date it has more than 1400 UAE companies has been able to secure contracts  amounting to more than  US $ 3 Billion for a range of the services and the products to support for the construction of the UAE’s first energy plants ( 2017). Some of the various types of the other initiatives taken by the company have been further seen with facilitating the development of a local nuclear energy supply chain. ENEC and KEPCO holds regular supplier forum to make sure that the local company is able to inform on the upcoming opportunities and the steps which are required to register for tendering about the process for the Barakah projects. Some of the other initiatives taken by the company have the initiation of the procurement services for the suppliers ( 2017).
Research Philosophy
The main form of the research philosophy with the positivists theory. This is due to the fact that the research will consider the reality is stable and same will be described in the objective viewpoint. Hence, the study will not interfere with the phenomena of the research study.
Research Design
The main form of the research design will be identified in terms of application of descriptive design. The research will be able to provide the relevant answer to the questions of who, what, when, where, and how. The research will not only be able to ascertain the quantitative aspect but also able to focus on the general aspects which will be a pre-cursor to the quantitative analysis. The main intention of the research will be to obtain the information related to the current status of the phenomenon and to describe what exists to a certain situation or variable ( 2017). 
Research approach
The research will follow a deductive approach as it will be mainly based on the hypothesis and the quantitative aspect. As the research philosophy will be based on positivist paradigm, quantitative research will be most suitable. It has been further identified that the deductive approach of the research will be able to best serve the purpose of the research (Gabriel 2013). The research will involve collection and conversion of data into numeric values in order to draw conclusion from the statistical analysis. The quantitative analysis will focus on the research hypothesis and able to establish possible relationship with the investigated variables. The collected will follow a strict procedure to be prepared for the statistical analysis for the research ( 2017).
Data Collection method
As the data collection will be based on quantitative data collection method, the process for the collection of the data will be based on primary data. This objective will be achieved by conducting a survey through formulation of a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be a web based questionnaires which will be distributed via mails. The first portion of the questionnaire will consist of some of the general and demographic questions such as Name, Age, Place of Origin and position held in Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. The main question will include the relevant question which will be able to focus on the success logistics and procurement strategies in the supply chain management of the organization. The data evaluation based on the questionnaire will be evaluated on the basis of a rating scale which will be plotted in MS Excel for quantitative data analysis. As the research will comprise of quantitative data collection methods, it will depend on simple random sampling and structured data collection which will fit to the diverse experience of predetermined response (Best and Kahn 2014).
Sample Size
The sample selected for the evaluation shall include both the employees and managers working at ENEC. The total sample size will be 200 respondents, among which 150 will employees and 50 will be managers. The research sample size will be important empirical aspects of the study which will be able ensure the reliability of the research (O’reilly and Parker 2013).
Research strategy and technique
Hence the overall research technique will involve surveys linked to the research objectives. It has been further identified that the research will be able to deduce the results from the hypothesis by incorporating quantitative research techniques. The data collection process for the research will be further based on the quantitative data collection method as it will be able to best serve the purpose of the study ( 2017).
The outcomes of the research will be based on the main statistical techniques used in the research. It has been discerned that the most suitable statistical measure to evaluate the data from the rating scale will be application of descriptive statistics. Henceforth, the results from the central tendency will be based on the computation of Mean, Median and Mode.  In order to compute the dispersion in the data in a more accurate manner standard deviation will be able to find the relevant distance among the each value and the mean of the data (Nuttin 2014).
The timeline/timescale is able to show the relevant sequence for the activities which will be performed for the conduction of the entire research in the next three years starting from September 2017.

Sequential Activities/ Period

September 2017

September 2018

October 2018- August 2019

September 2019

Ideation of the research study





Processing the research Design





Data Collection





Evaluation of the data and results





Data Publication process





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