ICT50818 Diploma Of Systems Analysis And Design

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ICT50818 Diploma of Systems Analysis and Design



Task 1: Develop an organisation chart

Develop an organisation chart for the Diamond Video Rentals Company, presented in a word processor document (e.g. MS Word). Then identified a stakeholder of the Diamond Video Rentals Company, classified them into the type of stakeholder as either (a) Staff (b) Client or (c) Supplier

Task 2: Determine Client Requirements

Create a document confirming the networking requirements given and requesting more information about the areas which are unclear, including but not limited to:

the number of new users
current networking equipment used
current licenses available for the different software needed
any other information that may be needed to plan the network additions.
Task 3: Develop A Context Diagram

Develop a context diagram that shows all the elements involved in the current business process, saved in a word processing document.

Task 4: Develop Problem Statement

Develop a draft Problem statement, based on a template. Have a look at a sample problem statement on the web.

Go to the website for The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing https://mit.imoat.net/handbook/home.htm, select Table of Contents, and then 1.3 Problem Statement

Task 5: Develop Recommendation

Create a memo recommending a reference for documentation and records management that would be appropriate for the business, including title, price and main topics covered, as well as identifying the specific ISO standard that is being used. Standards Australia website (www.standards.org.au) Search for appropriate standards that may be relevant to this task.

Task 6: Information Gathering Planning

Document an evaluation of two information gathering techniques that would be suitable for use at Diamond Video Rentals, including your reasons, and a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Task 7: Information Gathering Technique

Write a list of questions for a one-to-one interview with John Vandrine, also identifying the objectives of the interview.

Task 8: Hardware Evaluation

Develop a hardware evaluation sheet (use the template provided) detailing products from the different vendors (suppliers) that are identified for the above equipment. Identify the networking equipment (not workstations or server) that will be needed for the new site. Identify at least TWO suppliers for this equipment and get prices and details of availability.

Task 9: Evaluate Methodology

Research and evaluate a range of traditional and non-traditional methodologies that could be applied to develop the new computerised system for the company and document them. Also using the evaluation and the requirements, select the most appropriate methodology for this specific project and give your reasons.

Task 10: Infrastructure Implementation Plan

Develop a network installation plan for the new North Sydney office, in which you:

a) Develop a network installation plan for the new North Sydney office, in which you:

Identify the components required to meet the technical requirements of the user’s network.
Prioritise the tasks involved and contingency plans to achieve minimum business disruption or delay with the installation.
Identify the appropriate people and obtain approval for plans including security clearance and schedule.

b) Create a low level (0) data flow diagram of Diamond Video Rentals including all of the main functions of the system.

c) Create a data dictionary recording all of the data elements that you have identified in the system.

Task 11: Project Planning

Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) and a Gantt chart for the project (to develop the new computerised system only) according to the following Software development guidelines:

Task 12: Identified Control Structures

From the WBS, identify the control structures within each stage. Look at the task” 4. A first-pass project plan must be created for the work based on high level requirements, including a feasibility first stage with deliverables and milestones” from the software development guidelines. Identify and write the input or output parameters for the task.

Task 13: Project Review

It is important to review a project once completed to ensure that it has met the client’s requirements and to identify any issues that may have adversely affected the project so that future projects may avoid these problems. Look at the Project progress report.

Was the project completed on time?
Was the project completed on budget?
Task 14: Develop Requirement Document

Document the business requirements for Diamond Video Rentals in a Business Requirements Document (BRD) format.

Your BRD report is to summarise your findings and is required to be outlined as specified below:

Company Description
Problem Definition which includes:

a) Business Need

b) List of Stakeholders and their roles

c) Scope

d) Business Objectives

e) Available Resources

f) Constraints

g) List of Assumptions

Specific Requirements including:

a) Functional Requirements

b) Non Functional Requirements

Recommended Solution
Task 15: Gather Feedback

Create and print an evaluation form/survey form (1 page) to gain feedback on your document evaluating how well you have summarised all the information and feasibility of your solution. Select your classmate to complete this form and submit to your trainer.

Task 16: Evaluate Feedback

Make changes to the documentation as necessary and indicated by the client (classmate). All update should reflex to feedback gather from previous task, and make sure that you log an update properly (version control).

Initial Project Brief for Diamond Video Rentals


Diamond Video Rentals is a small business that has been operating in a large country town for five years. Its main business is to rent videos to its members. There are approximately 5000 members and 10,000 videos in stock. In the early years the business grew steadily however, in the last year, growth in members and rentals has not occurred.

Business Details

The business is owned and managed by John Vandrine. There are six permanent staff and up to six casual staff.

Of the permanent staff, Deb Papadopoulos and Dawn Schultz are the most experienced and supervise the running of the store, one on each shift. Danny Jones, Paul Trang, Mae Willis and Terry De Santo are also permanents and at least two of them are rostered on each shift.

Ted Sloan is responsible for the accounting and purchasing functions of the business and Mary Johnson handles preparation of the rosters and payroll. The accounting function is currently computerised, using an accounting software package. All other functions are still performed manually.

John Vandrine also manages the business. This involves planning and decision making regarding the business, and resolving problems and issues that arise, such as customer complaints that cannot be resolved by the staff.

Deb and Dawn work mainly at the counter, handling rentals, bookings and over dues. Danny, Terry, Paul and Mae spend much of their time shelving videos and any other duties as directed. The casuals perform both counter work and reshelving tasks.


The population of the town has grown steadily in the last two years and another video store opened in the town six months ago, which, whilst not as old or as big as Diamond Video Rentals, has grown rapidly in the short period.

John Vandrine is concerned that the business has not grown in line with the town’s growth and patronage seems to be static or even in a slight decline. Also, customer complaints seem to be

increasing. With the advent of the new video store, John is keen to increase the competitiveness of his business.

John has asked IT Solutions to perform an investigation into the benefits of computerising the day-to-day business of the video store.

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