HSP101 – Service Leadership

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HSP101 – Service leadership



Step 1 – Identify the service process to be blueprinted, (for example: reservations, check in, room service, concierge). (Write this part directly on the excel template)Step 2 – Identify the target customer of the service (what is the age/gender/occupation of the customer, for example: GENDER: Male/Female, AGE: 18-25, OCCUPATION:  full time Seneca student in the Hospitality and Tourism Program) details are provided in the Target Customer Profile example below, please identify/include the target customer directly on the excel template.Step 3 – Create the customer service blueprint process from the customer’s point of view (using the excel template provided)Step 4 – Blueprint ONE fail (F) and multiple wait (W) points in the customer service process with an F or a W

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