HOSP2040 Hotel-Spa and Resort Management

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HOSP2040 Hotel,Spa and Resort Management



Students should walk around the property/business and observe the following:
What is the main attraction of the property or business?
What amenities does the property or business possess? Be specific.
How does the business market (for example, social media or printed material)?
What did you notice about the visitors or customers at the property or business?  Try to describe at least one target market for the business.
How is the business or property designed?  Take pictures with your phone and discuss how you believe the design meets the target market(s) and customer expectations.
How many employees did you see?  What roles and tasks were these employees doing?  
How many supervisors or managers did you observe?  What roles and tasks did you see the supervisors or managers perform?   
List at least 5 things that you learned about management roles, functions and daily activities as you walked around.

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