HLT6021-Strategic Management For Tourism- Hospitality And Events

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HLT6021-Strategic Management for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Aim Of The Assignment

This module helps the student to develop a visionary and strategic approach to management with particular reference to strategic analysis, strategic choice, and strategy implementation in the hospitality, tourism, leisure and events industries. The module also consolidates the student’s learning by incorporating strategic applications of management in the key areas of finance, human resources, and marketing.

By the end of the module, students will be able to:-

1. Discuss the role of strategic management within hospitality, tourism, leisure and events organizations;

2. Appraise the impact of organizational culture on strategic applications; 3. Evaluate the role of competitive advantage within the business environment;

4. Analyze the major internal and external factors affecting the formulation and implementation of strategies in the hospitality, tourism, leisure and events industries;

5. Evaluate a systems approach to strategic change management.

6. Formulate decisions based on applied strategic applications of financial, human resources, and marketing management.

7. Evaluate the impacts of corporate social responsibility on organizational strategic planning

8. Apply the principles and methods of strategic management to case studies focused on the hospitality, tourism, leisure and events industries


Many current events are shaping to have an impact on the Tourism, Hospitality and Events sector in the Asia Pacific region. Most notably the political unrest in Hong Kong, the “The Trade War” between USA and China, Japan and Korea are set to shake the geopolitical set up of a region otherwise considered stable.

The focus of the research question is to:

Critically evaluate the usefulness of three strategic analysis/planning tools that may be used to help Tourism Hospitality and Events (THE) organizations plan for change in the light of the above economic and political factors. You should give industry-examples from across the THE sectors to inform and illustrate your answer.

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