Health Care Settings for Older Adults

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Health Care Settings for Older Adults

Words: 731

Subject: Geriatrics


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Ethel, a 75-year-old woman who has been deteriorating physically and mentally over this past year while staying with her daughter Suzanne and her husband, is currently hospitalized with a broken ankle. The fracture occurred in the middle of the night when Ethel woke up confused and tumbled down the stairs. Suzanne is afraid that her mother will need long-term care because Suzanne is unable to meet her mother’s multiple ongoing needs due to her work schedule and her children’s needs. Due to these concerns, Suzanne makes an appointment with the charge nurse to discuss her mother’s options. During the appointment, Suzanne breaks down in tears as she talks about how badly nursing homes treat their elderly and voices her fear that no one will make sure her mother is treated well. She feels such guilt because she is considering placing her mother in a nursing home. As the charge nurse, how would you alleviate Suzanne’s concern? The ultimate role of a nursing home is to take good care of elderly citizens and patients. Suzanne believes strongly that the decision to place her mother in a nursing home will affect her health outcomes. As the charge nurse (CN), I would alleviate Suzanne’s concern by informing her about the major activities and duties undertaken to support the welfare of every elderly patient. Suzanne should also be informed about the quality of care provided to different clients in every nursing home. It will also be appropriate to outline various points about the roles undertaken by nursing homes and extended care facilities. Suzanne should understand that such institutions “are set up like medical facilities” (Marquis & Huston, 2015, p. 39). Such institutions have a wide range of medical experts and physicians who provide quality care. Every nursing home has nurses who take good care of targeted elderly citizens. Such nursing homes also have numerous facilities thus delivering quality care to everyone. Many nursing homes “tend to have special care units for individuals with various physical or mental problems” (Santos & Lima-Basto, 2014, p. 790). Suzanne should therefore be encouraged to embrace the decision. She should be sure that her mother will receive the most appropriate care. Ethel will therefore benefit significantly from the services provided by different professionals. The CN should also explain how “different nursing homes have caregivers and skilled on hand 24 hours every day” (Marquis & Huston, 2015, p. 63). These points will make it easier for Suzanne to appreciate the nature of extended care provided to different clients in the nursing home. She will therefore be contented with the services available to Ethel. What would be the main points of your education to assist Suzanne in learning more about extended care facilities and nursing homes? Suzanne appears to be misinformed about the role of extended-care facilities. According to her, many nursing homes tend to ignore the health needs and rights of their patients. This concern has made it impossible for Suzanne to come up with the best decision. The charge nurse (CN) should educate Suzanne to appreciate the roles undertaken by different nursing homes in the country. The CN should inform Suzanne about the benefits associated with such homes. Suzanne will be able to take care of her children and her career goals. At the same time, Ethel will get the most appropriate care from different nurses and physicians in the nursing home (Santos & Lima-Basto, 2014). The main points that can assist Suzanne in learning more about the roles played by different nursing homes are presented below.

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Nursing homes have competent clinicians and nurses to deliver timely care to different elderly citizens. Nursing homes admit anyone who needs 24-hour support and care (Santos & Lima-Basto, 2014). Individuals with special medical, mental, or physical needs will get the best support from such extended care facilities (Santos & Lima-Basto, 2014). Such homes have special units for persons with various complications. Staff members work throughout the clock to support the welfare of their patients. Every elderly patient is equipped with the best resources, skills, and ideas. Such facilities deliver befitting care to various individuals depending on their health expectations. These aspects will make it easier for Suzanne to appreciate the quality of care offered in such institutions. She will also be happy to place her mother in a targeted nursing home. This is the case because Ethel will receive the best care. Reference List Marquis, B., & Huston, C. (2015). Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer Health. Santos, M., & Lima-Basto, M. (2014). A Multi-paradigm Model for a Holistic Nursing. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 7(3), 781-791.

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