Health Care Research in Context by V. Bishop

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“Health Care Research in Context” by V. Bishop

Words: 552

Subject: Medical Ethics

Article 1 In her article “Health care research in context: Global influences and individual Aspirations”, Veronica Bishop argues that the conditions existing in modern-day global society cause the importance of developing new strategies in addressing health care issues. As people from different countries come to have more and more political, economical, and social connections, the situation in the world requires the creation of a generalized approach to important matters including health care. Besides, to make advancements in the area of health care, the representatives of the medical profession around the world including nurses, doctors, and medical scientists should strive to do their best to combine their efforts. The primary purpose of this article seems to inform the readers about the necessity of cooperative strategies applied by medical specialists on a global scale.

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The author begins her article by addressing the sayings of several outstanding specialists in the area of medicine and medical care management. She makes a special emphasis on Jeffrey’s comments who argues that modern conditions existing in the world require international cooperation of medical specialists directed on doing their best in achieving progress in health care on a global scale (Bishop, 2009). In addition, the author argues that the area where special progress can be achieved by means of global cooperation in academic nursing. Bishop mentions the facts of a success achieved in academic nursing nowadays to encourage further efforts in this important field. As a final point, Bishop’s article “Health care research in context: Global influences and individual Aspirations” presents a well-grounded argument on the importance of developing and implementing new cooperative strategies on a global scale. The article presents reliable facts supporting the value of cooperation between medical establishments all over the world. Article 2 The article “The impact of nursing leadership on patient safety in a developing country” by Lee Stewart and Kim Usher discusses the impact that nursing leaders and managers have on patient safety on a global scale. The authors offer reliable facts showing that the actions by nursing managers are very important for patient’s safety at least at the four major areas including the empowerment of nursing leaders and managers, a focus on the patient, reflecting about or acting on improving nursing conditions, and safe patient care. The importance of the article’s findings is demonstrated by its authors on the example of developing countries. The article begins with a brief outline of the current state of affairs with patient safety existing in the world. The authors make a special emphasis on the problems of patient safety existing in developing countries such as Fiji (Stewart & Usher, 2010). Then the results of the latest research studies in the area of improving nursing management are shown to support the main idea of the article which is in the importance of implementing new strategies of patient care in developing countries. Concluding on all the above-discussed information, it should be stated that the article “The impact of nursing leadership on patient safety in a developing country” by Lee Stewart and Kim Usher offers a number of facts proving that the nursing leaders and managers have a great impact on patient safety. The findings of the article’s research present trustworthy facts supporting the importance of changing the strategies currently existing in the field of nursing management in developing countries. References Bishop, V. (2009). Health care research in context: Global influences and individual aspirations. Journal of Research in Nursing, 14(2), 99-101.

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Stewart, L., & Usher, K. (2010). The impact of nursing leadership on patient safety in a developing country. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19(21), 3152-3160.

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