Frailty Concept Use in Emergency Departments

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Frailty Concept Use in Emergency Departments

Words: 289

Subject: Geriatrics

Table of Contents Summary Frailty in Gerontology and Geriatrics Ideal of Frailty References Summary The concept of frailty undergoes numerous discussions and investigations today. Many researchers want to contribute to its better understanding in different fields. Wilson, Jackson, Sapey, and Lord (2017) recommend focusing on frailty, as well as immunosenescence and sarcopenia, not as a ubiquitous factor of aging, but a common negative outcome of aging. Innate immunity disappears with time, provoking new inflammations and conditions that are hard to control in elderly patients.

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Frailty in Gerontology and Geriatrics The peculiar feature of this article is the possibility to investigate how different practitioners use this concept. Gerontologists focus on the social, biological, cultural, and cognitive characteristics of aging. These doctors treat the health problems of older adults and pay special attention to the aging process in general. A gerontology researcher aims at discussing the factors that may influence the general condition of an elderly patient. Geriatricians also work with aging patients, but their main difference is the focus of their work. The main task of a geriatrician is to promote health in the elderly and establish long-term relationships with patients and their families to deal with frailty outcomes. Ideal of Frailty The ideal of frailty in gerontology is the possibility to identify the cycle of frailty, its main signs, and precautionary measurements with the help of which elderly patients may continue living with a few changes. This concept may be properly used in such fields as family medicine, immunology, and even emergency departments (EDs). When older patients are admitted to the ED, they face certain difficulties in diagnosis frailty because of the lack of appropriate equipment (Dent, Hoogendijk, Cardona-Morrell, & Hillman, 2016). Therefore, new investigations and projects should be developed around this topic and the improvement of care quality for the elderly. References Dent, E., Hoogendijk, E. O., Cardona-Morrell, M., & Hillman, K. (2016). Frailty in emergency departments. The Lancet, 387(10017), 434. Web. Wilson, D., Jackson, T., Sapey, E., & Lord, J. M. (2017). Frailty and sarcopenia: The potential role of an aged immune system. Ageing Research Reviews, 36, 1-10. Web.

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