EMGT301 Event Management: Economic Social and Environmental Impacts

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EMGT301 Event Management: Economic Social and Environmental Impacts




Outcome evaluation is an essential task for any event manager. Use pertinent examples wherever possible to clarify and illustrate your exploration of this key activity.

The purpose of this assessment is to apply your skills in conducting an objective evaluation to demonstrate how the event met the strategic objectives of the event plan, including reference to the triple bottom line.

Expand upon the required listed reading and consult your text book to gain current market insight and develop your framework.Use the appropriate/corresponding theory,and where possible, use examples.

Body of Report:

Please consider the following issues
• Connection to/with event planning objectives.
• The triple bottom line.
• Evaluation and stakeholders?
• Pertinent event evaluation theory and models.
• When should evaluation take place?
• What has worked well?
• What hasn’t worked well?
• What issues, ideas, or concerns does this raise?
• What other factors need to be considered?• What is the purpose of evaluation?

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