EAC594 Business Communication For The Digital Workplace

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EAC594 Business Communication for the Digital Workplace



Scenario 1: Need for better courses in Ontario high schools. You are frustrated that Ontario High schools do not properly prepare students for successful careers and post-secondary education. You are a part-time employee at Seneca College and you have been asked to share your recommendation to better prepare students for College by creating new High School courses in Ontario in your field of study. The Ontario Ministry of Education has decided to adopt your proposed curriculum changes. They’ve asked you to serve as an educational consultant on their team during the project. However, you already have a part-time job at Seneca College. Write to your supervisor, Mr. Jeeves Bing, at Seneca College to request some additional time off to consult for the Ontario government.Additional Information:• For this question, you should decide what your job title is at Seneca College. Your office is located on the 4th floor of Building A (room 4156) at Newnham Campus, 1750 Finch. The postal code is M5B 2G4.Hint: You may or may not need all the information above. Remember to check the memo format requirements before assuming what information you need. To create effective correspondence, consider the following questions before you begin writing:• What interpersonal factors are at work: What is your reader’s perspective? What does your reader need?• What business factors are at work: What kind of business relationship are you trying to build?• What technical factors are at work: What technical details do you need to communicate?

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