Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay

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Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay

Johnson viewed health as efficient and effective functioning of the system, and as behavioral system balance and stability. Behavioral system balance and stability are demonstrated by observed behavior that is purposeful, orderly, and predictable. Consider a clinical-practice situation that demonstrates Johnson’s model of health. How can the nurse support this theory to return the patient to balance and stability? Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay


Nursing theories are the support of nursing practice today. They are significant to nursing practice, education and scientific research because they help to determine, what is already known, and what additional knowledge and skills are needed. Nurses are usually first exposed to nursing theories during nursing education and further exposure comes from hands on training. The gained knowledge, about nursing theories, through education and training enhances better outcomes for patients and caregivers, allows application of professional boundaries, and assists in decision making. In this paper I will attempt to analyze, in general, the importance of nursing theory to the nursing profession; discuss middle-range theory, furthermore Benner’s…show more content…
There are many different nursing theories that are significant to nursing practice, because they help nurses to examine what is already known, and what additional knowledge and skills are required in variety of nursing situations. They provide basis for nursing practice, as well as some additional tools, that help with delivery of better care to patients and caregivers. Finally, nursing theories improve professional status for nurses and provide guidance and direction for research and education (Colley, 2003). Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay
In today’s world, it is essential to incorporate nursing theory into practice. Patricia Benner, through her work, “has provided essential understanding of how knowledge and skills are acquired and directly applied to nursing practice, education, research and administration” (Altmann, 2007, p. 114). According to Benner’s model of skill acquisition, “the nurse passes through five stages of career development, novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert” (English, 1993, p.387). Specific patterns of behavior, thinking, and performance is present in each stage. The most experience is associated with the expert nurse and the least experience is possessed by the novice nurse (Benjamin, 2007). This model is based on ascending level of proficiency and the key concepts of this model are: competence, skill attainment, experience, clinical knowledge and practical knowledge Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay

The lifespan of care can not be summarized as an aspect of time, but from the initial medical evidence to the constant change of modern medicine and the period of development. The whole medical field including nursing skills never stops when new technologies are introduced, and there has never been a moment to put the future research into practice. “Virginia Henderson says,”

Not all nursing theories are unique nursing theory, many of which borrow and share with other fields. The theory developed by Neumann, Watson, Perth, Orlando, and Pepla is regarded as a unique nursing theory. Nurses borrowed theories and concepts derived from the relevant science to explain and explore the unique phenomena of care. The meticulous attention theory has the broadest scope and presents general concepts and propositions. This level of theory can provide reflection on practice and useful insight, but it is not designed for empirical testing. This limits the use of large-scale care theory to guide, interpret and predict care in certain situations. However, these theories may include concepts that can be used for empirical testing. This level of theory relates to all treatment examples. Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay

The scope of the midrange nurse theory is narrower than the big nurse theory and provides an effective bridge between big nurse theory and nursing practice. They propose lower levels of concept and abstraction, leading theoretical research and nursing practice strategies. Compared to macro theory, one of the outstanding features of the mid-term theory is that the midrange theory is clearer and verifiable through testing. The function of middle layer theory includes description, interpretation or prediction of phenomena. The theory of the intermediate range is straightforward and generally takes into account a limited number of variables and limited reality. Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay


Nursing theories are the basic concepts that define nursing practice and provide the explanation to why nurses do what they do. Nurses are exposed to theories everyday in their practice. Did I give much thought to nursing theories prior to becoming a student? No, I did not. Of course I utilized them in my everyday nursing practice, but never put much thought in the theory itself. The concepts of Leininger’s theory of cultural diversity will be discussed in relation to how it impacts patient care. The key concepts of Leininger’s theory and their relationships with one another will be summarized …show more content…
When nurses have an understanding of a patient’s culture, more individualistic care can be provided. This particular theory is very important to me due to my coworker’s lack of appreciation for cultural diversity among our patients. When I advocate for my patient’s cultural or spiritual practices, I often cite this theorist. Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay
Nurse educators are often the initial point of contact that a nursing student has. Evidence shows that “education enhances the knowledge of health professionals” (Allen, 2010). Nurse educators should introduce cultural diversity in the classroom and then provide students an opportunity to work with different cultures during clinical practice.
During my original ADN program in 2000, cultural diversity was not a topic that was addressed. The clinical experience was done in a very small, rural hospital and there was no exposure to any diversity amongst patients. After relocating to a Magnet teaching facility in a large city, I quickly realized that my nursing skills did not meet standards to care for patients who were from other cultures. This caused great concern and I immediately researched and taught myself the importance of recognizing different cultures and the many different practices that certain cultures engage.
“Educators should adopt eclectic culturally congruent teaching–learning strategies supported by concepts and theories rather than the traditional rigid approach of memorizing facts  Concepts And Theories In Nursing Essay

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