COMMGMT 3502 Human Resource Management

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COMMGMT 3502 Human Resource Management

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COMMGMT 3502 Human Resource Management

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Course Code: COMMGMT3502
University: The University Of Adelaide is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Discuss about the Research and Development in Information Retrieval.

The report is based on the human resource management. It discusses implications as well as application with the help of a detailing analysis on the case study of “Constructive Relation at top trucking company”. The process of management of human resources helps organization in collating all the resources as well as channelizing them towards a positive productive direction (Viscelli, 2016). The project will evaluate significance of management of HR within an organization that is quite challenging. It also describes the theories, practices and models those are applied by them in those challenging situation. The report will also discuss and analyze review obtain from the journals. The case study will evaluate as well as discuss all the issues regarding the management of human resources. It will also highlight the ongoing practices in workplace that are been incorporated by the management for achieving maximum productivity as well as signification coordination within the managers. The important role played by new manager and associated risk due to his movement is discussed. The paper also discuss about the adaptability and the acceptance of union for the new manager when they face changes in workplace culture.
Human Resource Management- Role
The technique of human resource management that are been used by esteemed organizations is one of the significant resource. In human resource management human capital and sources allocated for the specified required area are been managed carefully. The case study of trucking company suggested that HR management is in a transition phase (Fee, 2014). They yard of Wollongong is one of the most popular and an area of high performer in the organizational area. Wollongong yard is in control of one of the toughest manager of the organization. This specific yard within the region was been appreciated highly and contributor for the yard’s excellent performance goes to the region’s union delegate George Paros. The union delegate has witness the phase of transition and has provided the ultimate support to management and workers of union. However, the company is a reputed one but working environment is difficult as the managers are dominating and demanding (Snell, Morris & Bohlander, 2015). The unwillingness of management to provide required fund to develop infrastructures of the company finally led by to take over liabilities of company by a reputed transport group. The old management group made the company to face more trouble as well as challenges as the attitude of managers were commanding and they were not ready to look after any employee’s point of view.  Drivers were ready to change which resulted in decreasing the participation of management and bringing changes to the contribution. As soon as the new management came into service they incorporated various alternations in model and practices of workplace in organizations (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014).
HRM Model
Harvard Frameworks is been introduced by trucking company in the organization. The suggested model states that line managers are required to do more works having liabilities as well as responsibilities for ensuring that personal polices and strategies are synchronized. This synchronized strategy will give more competitive advantages to the organization. The model also suggests that the formulated policies should govern the personal activities development and align them with objectives of organization (Buller & McEvoy, 2016). The model also concentrates on employees, shareholders and customers as they are the significant stakeholders of the organization. There are four main policies that are been created by the framework of Harvard, namely they are recruitment, selection, appraisal, promotion and termination facet of employees. The influence of employees deal with responsibility as well as authority provided to them. The work system generally monitors the designing as well as work flow management within the employees. It also initiates the rewarding system for the employees as it will motivate them to perform high level of work.
Application of the Model
The adaptation of Harvard Framework Model by the management helped the workers to be at the prime focus of organization. The other adopted practices of workplace helped the organization in creating productive environment. The biggest challenges existed for the workers are the dominating and demanding character of line manager. The framework incorporates new changes that are stated as follows:
Appointment of new line manager- The management appointed a new manager who has the knowledge of the past conflict in between the union and old line manager. The new manager is open-minded as well as he is always ready to invite innovative ideas. He also looks after the view point of the workers. The selection of line manager was done by considering the ability of handling the workers, union members and delegate of union Mr. George who is an old worker of organization (Armstrong & Taylor, 2017). He also preferred having open effective communication with the drivers for solving their issues. The new line manager rationally explores issues as well as delegating responsibilities depending on capabilities.
Infrastructure change: New management after overtaking the responsibilities from old management was interested in investing fund for improving the infrastructures of organization by buying new trucks so that the supply chain management remains effective. The significant problem highlighted by driver was the old trucks those are in operation and was not been changed by the old management (Marchington, 2015). Besides that the company started spending money by buying uniforms for the drivers. They also invested money for buying the computer system required for effective management of warehouse.
Training and development: As the workers, drivers and the union delegate are working in the organization for a long period of time therefore, it is significant to test the talent as well as improve their skills as well as knowledge for the new system that has been implemented. The newly appointed manager therefore initiated the program for development as well as training for the drivers and the workers.
Manager and Union Delegate movement- Risk for the changes
A significant aspect Human Resource Development is to manage the move towards a new organization or to an innovative higher level of the same organization. This movement may be a significant part of growth of the career for the employees. In this case study managers as well as the delegate of union Mr. George plays a vital resource for organization. The newly manager appointed has a challenging role which he achieved it and George who was too old to the system having no promotions in the past years are important for the company (Murray, Lévesque & Le Capitaine, 2014). Therefore, if the organization looses any of the resources it will considerably hamper their productivity. The risks associated with such a decision are under stated:
Incomplete task: As both manager and George are important resources for the truck company therefore the movement of any one of them from the company will result in existence of risk of task being incomplete as designed and planned by manager and George. Both of them have settled within the system and movement of them from the organization will result in disturbance of the action plan (Le Capitaine, Murray & Lévesque, 2013).
Insecurity: The newly appointed manager has delivered his performance brilliantly and won confidences of workers. If he moves then and insecurity could prevail among the workers regarding smooth flow of operations.
Confidence reduction: The workers and the labor union have high confidence on the union delegate. The movement of the union delegate will create problem and those problem will not be properly communicated on time through an appropriate channel .
Unbiased Communication: Newly appointed line manager share all the information of the performance regarding the yards to the drivers. This was an innovative concept and the coordination is greater among managers and workers
Blue Collar Union- Workplace changes Adaption
According to the literature of HR management the transport workers are very much adaptive to the changes in workplace compare to the public sector. Blue color union is generally for the worker’s union who are drivers, fire fighters and workers in shop floor (Form, 2015). The workers in this field receive great support from the union compared to the people who are working in private sector as well as services.
Workers indicated as blue collar are having highly talent with manual skills but having low literacy rate with low knowledge in academic skills. The payment done to them is based on hourly, weekly or daily depending on the structures of work (Moore, Grunberg & Krause, 2014). They are too close as well as concern on the union then the organization management. The demands for this workers in market is higher as this types of job needs labor as well as manual worker compared to the service sector. It is also been seen that blue color union worker are paid much higher than white collar. Blue color worker are been recruited only for the production worker and has very less interaction with management. The blue color union workers mainly choose the union representatives (Andersen et al., 2016). The union representative negotiates and communicates with the management regarding any problems of workers.
Employees who are working in public and service sector are been categorized as the skilled workers as they have higher academic knowledge and experiences in professional fields. The compensation as well as designated job role to them is been supported by their professional degrees. These type of employees does not get any support from union and participation in union membership is absent for them. These employees have same views as well as acceptability level for the changes in workplaces. Employees working in public as well as service sector are closer to the management and make activities like decision making compared to the employees working in transport sector. Considering the management of transport union they have significant authority that brings important changes for the company of truck (Wang et al., 2015). The changes are made with help of consultation from line manager as well as agreement from majority union worker that has minimum space for negotiation. Employees working in the public as well as service sector are focused on policy of making decision. So the workers of transport sector can adapt more quickly than the public sector.
The above report is performed on relation of top trucking company. The assessment of adaptation of new management is also performed. Harvard framework model is been described by initiating many changes within the workplace of the organization. The company started replacing manager, uniforms, computer systems and communication channel. The new management also provided training to the workers and focused on the divers as well. Critical analysis has also been performed on the movement of George and newly appointed manager. The report was concluded by laying an insight on the adaptability to changes made by management by the worker of transport sector. The insight was made on the basis of blue collar worker in regards of skill, wages, support of the union and knowledge.
Important aspect of human resource development is retaining the most valuable workers whose movement can cause disturbance in company in terms of achieving competitive advantages. HR should ensures that the best talents are been recruited and the key performers are retained (Yu et al., 2016). They should apply certain frameworks as model for gaining the competitive advantages.
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