COMM331 Integrative Business Capstone

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COMM331 Integrative Business Capstone

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the capacity to solve problem and effectively work in multidisciplinary contexts
2. Demonstrate a deep understanding of theoretical principles that underpin the complexities of commercial practice
3. Apply a wide range of innovative commercial practices as they construct and are constructed by intercultural values and identities in societies
4. Demonstrate and apply the principles and ethical underpinnings of corporate governance best practice in a globalised environment
5. Demonstrate a knowledge of the dynamics of working both within a team and a system
6. Demonstrate an understanding of the use of specified information and communication technologies Subject Description


Integrative Business Capstone enables students to apply the principles of ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable commerce in a web based designed simulated business environment. The subject is based on a series of lectures and an action based learning project. In the action learning project students will form multidisciplinary teams and run a simulated business (which may include private, public and not for profit organisations) twenty four hours a day for a period of several weeks. Students will be required to make
multidisciplinary interactive decisions based on sound ethical, socially responsible and sustainable practice.


Students are required to apply the concepts from lectures 2- 7 to a current topic in the public domain in order to prepare students for their team projects. Students will be given a newspaper article that has a topic focus of socially innovative commerce. Students are to draw upon the weekly lecture readings and other relevant material analyse the provided newspaper article, identify and critically evaluate using two of the following theoretical principles:

Dynamics of systems
Theoretical issues
Values and identity
Corporate governance
Theories and global commerce

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