Comm290 Introduction To Quantitative Decision Making

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Comm290 Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making



a) Build and solve the model in Excel. What portfolio do you suggest to the client? What is theannual return for the client from this investment?
b) How many decisions does the model have? State them clearly.
c) How many constraints does the model have in total? Describe each in a sentence or two.Which constraints are binding?
d) Pick one of the binding constraints and explain what happens if you increase its right-hand side.
e) Write down the algebraic formulation of the model.Now assume that another client with $50,000 to invest has been identified to be risk-taking. Themaximum risk scale for a risk-taking investor is 320.
f) Build and solve the model in a new sheet on the same Excel file. What portfolio do you suggestto the client? What is the annual return for the client from this investment?
g) Discuss the differences in the portfolios of the two clients.

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